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Sixth Form (Ages 16-18)


Limited Places Available for September 2024 Entry

If you're still to make a decision about where to start your child’s schooling, have you considered King’s College Pre-Prep? We have some limited availability for admissions this September.

Economics is everywhere, and understanding economics can help you make better decisions and lead a happier life.

Tyler Cowen, American Economist

Why Study Economics?

Economics is concerned with market forces, supply and demand and government intervention. Exchange rates, imports and exports, inflation, unemployment, development and government policy are all discussed.

Pupils who have a genuine interest in current national and international affairs will find the course stimulating. Economics is a contemporary subject, rooted in what is happening in the UK and the world today and it will suit those who have an interest in politics and reading the newspapers. It provides an excellent background for pupils considering careers in business, banking, accountancy, law or politics, as well as offering an insight into psychology and sociology because it draws on a wide range of skills.

The primary attribute required to study economics is a logical and independent mind. Economics requires both mathematical and literary ability. Its content includes theoretical models to explain behaviour in the real world. It is a social science and quite technical in places. 

Diagrams to explain behaviour are a key part of the course. Strong grades in GCSE English and mathematics is advisable (an A in maths is required to access many economics degrees). 

Pupils will consider the following topics:

  • Scarcity and choice
  • How competitive markets work
  • Competition and market power
  • Labour market
  • Market failure and government intervention


  • Economic policy objectives and indicators of macroeconomic performance
  • Aggregate demand and aggregate supply
  • The application of policy instruments
  • The global context
  • The financial sector

Tim Jordan

BA (Hons) - Liverpool John Moores University
Head of Business Studies & Economics

Tom Candler

Business Studies & Economics Teacher

Leon Oxenham

BA (Hons) - Lancaster University
Business Studies & Economics Teacher
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