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Sixth Form (Ages 16-18)


Wonder is the heaviest element on the periodic table. Even a tiny fleck of it stops time.

Diane Ackerman

If I have a thousand ideas a year, and only one turns out to be good, I am satisfied.

Alfred Nobel

Why Study Chemistry?

Realise it or not, almost every aspect of our daily lives has been shaped and enhanced by the actions of a chemist. The course suits those who enjoy a hands-on approach, those who wish to progress to further study of chemistry or one of its many closely related sciences, and those who wish to use it to support applications in other areas, such as veterinary or medical sciences, for which it is a required subject. An outline of the topics for study is below.

Modules include:

  • Development of practical skills in chemistry
  • Foundations in chemistry
  • Periodic table and energy
  • Core organic chemistry
  • Physical chemistry and transition elements
  • Organic chemistry and analysis

Chemistry is a hugely rewarding and challenging course. Experience suggests that high grades are possible if grade 8 has been achieved at GCSE, providing a committed, energetic and organised approach is adopted throughout the course. It is a subject that rewards sustained effort.

Students study in a safe, positive learning environment where they are encouraged to problem solve and think independently. King's provides them with the skills they need to succeed, not only in their exams but in their future lives. In the latter stages of the Sixth Form, students investigate redox chemistry and complete volumetric analysis, providing them with a hands-on experience of the subject in modern, well-equipped laboratories.

The A level is assessed at the end of the second year in three exam papers: Two 2¼ hour papers each of 100 marks, and one 1½ hour paper of 70 marks. There is also a ‘practical endorsement’ completed from the practical investigations carried out during the course which is reported separately to the grade obtained from the examined A-level units.

Ben Greedy

MChem, DPhil - St. Catherine's College, Oxford
Head of Chemistry

Joseph Basquill

BSc (Hons) - University of Bath
Chemistry Teacher

Emily Coombe

BA (Hons), MRes - Emmanuel College, Cambridge
Chemistry Teacher

Dafydd Jones

BSc (Hons) - Cardiff University
Chemistry Teacher

David Snell

BSc (Hons), PhD, MRSC - University of Bath
Chemistry Teacher

Verity Tucker-Brown

BSc (Hons) - London South Bank University
Chemistry Teacher

Andrew Swift

Chemistry Teacher
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