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Senior (Ages 13-16)


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At King's College

An understanding of the natural world and what's in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfilment.

Sir David Attenborough, Broadcaster

Why Study Geography?

Geography is taught using contemporary methods of instruction and delivery. Staff adopt an enquiry approach to the teaching of geography, equipping pupils with the knowledge and skills of investigation, critical-thinking, problem-solving and communication. As a result, pupils are able to foster attitudes that will assist them to participate as active and informed citizens in our global society, and to appreciate and apply the concept of sustainability.

Pupils studying geography are encouraged whenever possible, to apply their classroom knowledge to the real-world. Field trips enable first-hand opportunities to study a variety of topics: a trip to Iceland opened up the study of sesmic activity,while coastal features and management was evident in Sidmouth and Padstow, and local towns and cities afford the chance to look at regeneration and urban change.

Russell Group universities have recognised A level geography as one of their preferred ‘facilitating subjects’ which supports an application into a wide range of undergraduate courses.

Geography Rocks

The Wegener Society is our school geography society named after the famous German meteorologist and geophysicist, Alfred Wegener. During his lifetime he was primarily known for his achievements in meteorology and as a pioneer of polar research, but today he is most remembered as the originator of the theory of continental drift. The society welcomes guest speakers to talk on a variety of geographical topics.

Mr A Edwards

BA, University of Wales
Head of Geography

Mr J Lawford

BA, University of Birmingham
Geography Teacher

Mrs A Godfrey

MA, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge
Geography Teacher (on maternity leave)

Miss J Atkins

Bsc, Royal Holloway University
Geography Teacher
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