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Senior (Ages 13-16)


I assert literature to contain the materials which suffice for thus making us know ourselves and the world

Matthew Arnold, English Poet

Why Study English?

The aims are complementary: we inspire readers with a love and appreciation of literature in different genres. We develop creativity and imagination and enhance an individual's range of expression. We ensure that the study of English language and literature in the Third Form and GCSE develops critical reading and analytical thinking skills, and enables all pupils to be more precise and confident communicators.

The Third Form explore fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama as an introduction to the GCSE years. In the Fourth and Fifth forms, pupils are in five streamed sets. The vast majority take CIE IGCSE English language and English literature as separate qualifications.

The skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening are of vital importance for a pupil's future, making English a uniquely important subject, underpinning any successful academic career. English gives students the resources through which they will arrive at a greater understanding of their world and themselves, and also the ways and means through which they communicate that understanding, in practical or imaginative forms.

Proficiency as a reader and writer can add immeasurably to an individual's chances in both career, and life generally: a love of literature - prose, poetry and drama – helps bring young people into a cultured adult community.

Open a Book and You Open Your Mind ...

The range of activities extends from specialist teaching for pupils needing support with English as an Additional Language, to events beyond the classroom. Through theatre trips, our whole-school Poetry Recitation competition, speaker visits, the school newspaper Pelican Post, a creative writing group and our well-stocked library, the English department helps to stretch the imagination and pupils' skills.

Toby Smith

MA - St. John's College, Cambridge
Head of English

Emma Gregory

BA (Hons) - St. Hugh's College, Oxford
English Teacher (second in department)

Francesca Tipper

MA (Hons) - University of Edinburgh
English Teacher

Laura Jones

BEd - University of Wales
English Teacher

Matthew Wootton

BA (Hons) - Leeds University
English Teacher

Louise Naum

BA (Hons) - St. Mary's University
English Teacher
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