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Senior (Ages 13-16)

Sport at King's

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Sport at King's College

Sport is pivotal to the all-round development of pupils at King's College. It provides engagement, responsibility and enjoyment. Sport aims to actively enable young people to take on a variety of challenges that help build confidence, take leadership roles and enable them to work as part of a team.

Our sport is built on the ideals of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, respect, discipline and a sense of sporting integrity. Throughout, it is firmly believed that everyone has something valuable to offer, and the systems in place aim to encourage general participation in an inclusive programme covering a wide number of sporting opportunities.



We have developed a structure we believe caters for everyone. The sport programme is tailored towards the needs and requirements of our individual pupils. It continues to use the most up-to-date coaching methods, equipment and principles to ensure our pupils thrive regardless of standard.

We have three sports programme units:

  • Engagement and Development
  • Performance
  • High Performance

Engagement and Development Programme

Here at King’s we pride ourselves on a sports programme that allows every pupil to engage in a variety of sports throughout the year. This not only promotes a positive, active and healthy lifestyle, but also encourages vital social skills that play a big part in our pupils' overall development. Furthermore, our coaching, facilities and fixtures provide a wonderful opportunity for all pupils to improve their sports skills.

A majority of our pupils go on to represent universities and clubs when they leave and this is a crucial driving factor within the Engagement and Development unit of the programme. This unit normally provides two to three training sessions per week and allows for flexibility. Pupils also gain access to sports fixtures, which play a large part in their physical, social and mental development.


Performance Programme

The Performance Programme is designed for pupils who want to take their sport more seriously, and therefore wish to put in extra hours outside of the main games programme. Pupils gain access to optional early morning or lunchtime strength and conditioning sessions (S&C) and will also take part in out-of-season training.

We pride ourselves on developing pupils who are looking to achieve the next level of performance in order to gain selection to county, regional or even national level programmes. We have a number of specialist and highly qualified sports staff who provide pupils with the support they need outside of the normal school day.


High Performance Programme

The High Performance Programme is a reflection of the success of our coaches and sports department. We have a number of pupils who have gained selection onto academies, performance programmes and regional or national teams.

Due to the demands of High Performance, pupils who fall into this category require additional support from our qualified staff. Each High Performance pupil receives a sports mentor to oversee their time management and create a system that provides a healthy balance between academic work and the demands of training. Each High Performance athlete also has access to their own individual S&C coach who develops a designed programme.

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