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Senior (Ages 13-16)

School Life

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At King's College and King's Hall School

Boarding Life

King’s is a vibrant and busy community made up of boys and girls from the South West of England, further afield in the UK and from overseas. This mix works extremely well.

Most of the pupils board, but a significant number are day pupils and all are thoroughly integrated into the life of the school. Day pupils belong to boarding houses and are encouraged to spend the odd night at school.


Down Time

Through their houses, all pupils have a home away from home; a place to which they can retreat during the day and where they can store their books and kit. Our pupils are astonishingly busy and successful, but they also have time to relax and recharge because of the boarding structures of the days and weeks. Afterall, downtime spent with friends is an important part of a teenager’s life.


Vibrant Social Scene

A great deal of the pastoral care and the activity of the school (sports matches, debating, drama, music etc.) happens along boarding house lines, which means that pupils soon develop a strong loyalty to their houses. It also means that relationships between year groups are positive and supportive.

Pupils of any age are valued by their peers for what they bring to the mix, and musical talent, general knowledge, sporting ability and debating skills are soon discovered and nurtured in new pupils.

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