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Prep (Ages 7-13)


Pupils spoke fondly of gaining their ‘Bunsen burner licence’ and the excitement of the ‘loads of practical experiments’ that they were doing in chemistry.

Good School Guide 2022

The lab was clean, bright and hugely inspirational, with a jungle theme – toy primates climbing the columns, plants painted on the walls and pupils stopping to say hello to Everest and Turbo, the resident tortoises.

Good School Guide 2022

Why Study Science?

Our belief that the best way to understand science is to do it, see it, touch it, and in some cases smell it.

Our science facilities provide a stimulating environment where we can teach science practically, to give every child the opportunity to ‘get their hands dirty’, creating lasting memories and experiences that make the subject so much more accessible. This approach, combined with projects and outings, help pupils develop an understanding that science isn’t confined to the classroom; it is all around and plays an essential role in our lives.


Let's Hypothesise!

At King’s Hall, we aim to challenge each child’s ability to hypothesise, plan and reason whilst simultaneously nurturing a sense of awe and wonder for the natural world. Above all, our job is to convey our passion and enthusiasm for science so children can’t wait to discover what the next lesson will reveal.

From Year 3, pupils are able to access the state-of-the-art facilities that our science laboratories offer. The children follow the ISEB 11+ syllabus and in these early years, the foundations of scientific enquiry are laid. The children are constantly challenged to solve problems, but most importantly, ask questions about the world around them.


Practical Learning

As they move through the Prep School, science is differentiated into the three subject areas; biology, chemistry and physics. From Year 6, the ISEB 13+ Common Entrance curriculum forms the backbone of the syllabus and offers lots of opportunity for hands-on practical learning. Science is by its very nature a process of enquiry, an opportunity to open doors for children, to encourage them to ‘dig down’ into the world around them and to seek out answers.

We see every day as an opportunity for us to inspire and ignite a passion for our subject and to share our enthusiasm with the children.


The Tortoise Society

Our lovable tortoises, Turbo and Everest, have become such a part of the furniture here at King’s Hall. The cheeky duo, along with Snoops, having cemented their place not only within the school community, but also as part of our science and technology curriculum.

Throughout the year, they are looked after by The Tortoise Society. Members of this group are required to bathe, weigh and feed the tortoises on a daily basis, and ensure that other pupils handle them correctly. It's not as easy as you'd think.

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