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Prep (Ages 7-13)

Religious Studies


Why Study Religious Studies?

As well as academic excellence, the religious studies (RS) department seeks to engender personal moral and ethical integrity, and to foster pupil spiritual development throughout their time at the school.

All pupils are encouraged to investigate spiritual awareness and ethical dimensions in the world around them. This is especially true with the varied cross-curricular links in religious studies. Personal morality and ethics are vital to the health of society as a whole and the department seeks to encourage pupils’ understanding as to what constitutes good morality and ethics. It is hoped that the RS education they receive will be of lasting value and provide sound bedrock for pupils' future careers and roles in society.


Christian Ethos

King's Hall School is part of the Woodard Corporation, a wide group of schools originally set up by Nathaniel Woodard to reflect the best in Christian education. The Christian ethos plays a vital role in all aspects of life at the school and especially in the teaching of the RS department.

Pupils in Year 8 are prepared academically for Common Entrance and Scholarship exams, which in turn prepares many of them for the GCSE RS at King's College and other senior schools. Common Entrance and Scholarship results are consistently excellent, something of which the school is justifiably proud.


Christian Foundation and Multi-Faith Awareness

Bible stories which underpin much of western culture and the three major world religions, form the basis of most lessons. Selected passages are explored in detail, questions of morality discussed and the application of each passage to contemporary issues investigated. However, significant importance is also credited to the study of world religions in order to prepare pupils for the multi-faith world in which they will interact.

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