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Prep (Ages 7-13)


Limited Places Available for September 2024 Entry

If you're still to make a decision about where to start your child’s schooling, have you considered King’s College Pre-Prep? We have some limited availability for admissions this September.

Why Study History?

At the heart of history are stories; stories about how people have lived and died. Since children love a tale, our philosophy is to bring them to life and enthuse the pupils so that they might enjoy learning, gain a good knowledge and understanding of the subject, and want to discover more for themselves.

Over time, they are encouraged to learn not to take everything as gospel, and through this knowledge develop the ability to evaluate and interprete historical evidence.


Hands-on History

It all starts in Year 3 with the ancient civilisations of Egypt and Greece, building on work already covered by our Pre-Prep department. In Year 4 it is hands-on history as we go outdoors to study the Celts and Ancient Britons, making use of the school’s woods and the pupils’ skills learned from Forest School, plus a residential trip that includes an Iron Age day. Continuing with the Romans in Britain, pupils in Years 5 and 6 spend their time in the Middle Ages with meaty subjects such as the Black Death and the murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket.


Early Modern Period

In Years 7 and 8, pupils start the topics which form the basis of their exams for entry in to secondary school. This is the Early Modern Period and pupils gain an insight into crucial events such as the break with Rome.

History links well with other subjects, and the study of Elizabethan theatre and Victorian England coincide with topics covered in English.

Enthusiasm and an increasing ability to question and evaluate are key factors in history at King’s Hall School.

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