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Prep (Ages 7-13)


Pupils’ communication skills are of a high quality, and they share their thoughts and ideas with great enthusiasm.

Educational Quality ISI report 2022

Creative Learning

In addition to emphasising the importance of language skills (spelling, grammar, punctuation and handwriting), the English department seeks to develop an active and creative learning environment.

The curriculum, from the earliest stage in Pre-Prep through to preparation for Common Entrance and Scholarship in Prep, is formulated as a spiral to ensure a more developed, profound and integrated approach to learning. It is kept vibrant and meaningful through the introduction of new texts, ICT, cross-curricular activities and trips, drama and theatre trips.


Literary Celebrations

The curriculum is further invigorated through creative activities such as the shadowing of the Carnegie Book Prize, entry into writing competitions and all the activities included in our annual literary celebrations.

The King's Hall Literature Festival is an opportunity for pupils to extend their creative imaginations through a range of workshops, projects and experiences. During the week, pupils throughout the school meet storytellers, authors and poets, and are able to participate in a range of storytelling, poetry and creative writing workshops.

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