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Prep (Ages 7-13)



Swimming at King's College Prep School

In the Summer Term, our outdoor heated pool provides a popular facility amongst our children for the learning of swimming techniques, personal survival and life-saving skills. Matches against local schools take place at King's College in the indoor 25-metre pool, but we still have some matches for younger children in our outdoor pool.

The inter-house swimming competition at King's College takes place at the end of the Summer Term and is the highlight of the swimming fixture list. Nearly every child swims for their house team, and the enthusiastic vocal support from parents and competitors is always deafening.

Swimming is offered as part of PE and our Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children each have a half term of swimming at King’s College. Swimming staff work across both schools and are able to spend more time at King's Prep during the Summer Term.


Squad Swimming & Additional Training

On Monday afternoons, there is an opportunity for those who wish to further their swimming to take part in squad swim training. This takes place at King’s College and is coached by Mrs Sandra Ison, the Head of Swimming at King’s College.

For children serious about competitive swimming, there is also the exciting opportunity to take part in extra training at King’s College. An additional squad training session takes place each Saturday between 2pm - 3pm alongside our older squad swimmers from King’s College. To register for these sessions, please contact Mrs Ison at SMIson@kings-taunton.co.uk.


Community Swimming & Aquatics

Our younger swimmers receive extra tuition throughout the year by attending the King's Community Swimming and Aquatics programme. Their training sessions takes place at King's College on Saturday mornings. It is very well attended and acts as a teaching boost to the PE swimming lessons at school in the Summer Term.

All boarders have a recreational swim on Monday evenings at King's College along with squad training, and Taunton Swimming Club provide specialist coaching and training throughout the year to our more experienced swimmers.

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