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Prep (Ages 7-13)


2 December 2022



by Justin Chippendale

No denying it now - we are well into Advent and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Trees about the place, lights up outside, decorations emerging in various places plus nativities and carols in rehearsal. You can't stop the passage of time. It's been a foggy week where we have hardly seen the bottom of the front field but it hasn't dampened the level of activity.

There is activity tonight with the Friends of King's Hall Barn Dance. This year it is in the Arts Centre and I'm sorry I am unable to join the fun. Those who have signed up will have a great time, I'm sure, and huge thanks to all involved in making it possible and in particular to Mrs Luard and Mrs Joslin.

Mr Sloan, Headmaster of the College, was here on Monday and he brought with him three former pupils who are now in their final year of schooling. They shared very clear and warm memories of what their time here had meant to them and the teachers who had piqued a particular interest or two.

Mr Sloan talked about our 'One School, Two Sites' model and reflected how much he had enjoyed becoming part of a school community of tangible humanity. He went to draw from the children what values are important to us in school. He had four quick answers from children in Years 3, 4 and 5 they were: Kindness; Working Hard; Honesty; Participation. He stopped seeking any further responses as that had already nailed it - straight off the bat. Come and get involved, give it your best and be kind to everyone.

Here's to another fun fortnight of following that mantra.

This Week in Pre-Prep...

This Week in Pre-Prep...

by Claire Luckhurst

It’s CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! Or at least it will be when the children arrive back in school on Monday morning to discover the magical elves have transformed their classrooms into a festive wonderland! Nursery Nativity rehearsals are in full swing ahead of their big performance on Friday while Pre-Prep Nativity rehearsals begin in earnest on Monday. As you can imagine, this alone has the power to ignite the ‘excitement button’ in the children so by the time we have added in the glitter, sequins and all other manner of razzamatazz I think it fair to conclude we are in for lots of fun over the next two weeks! This is where the skill and experience of the staff team really come to the fore as they manage to contain the ‘fizz’ of the children to enable them to enjoy the festive fun and continue to deliver the planned curriculum; it’s a secret superpower of teachers across the land!

Please click here to read the rest of this week's Pelican News

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Year 7 exams

Year 7 exams

Monday 5 December - Wednesday 7 December

Carol Service rehearsals

Monday 5, Thursday 8, Friday 9, Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December

Carol Service rehearsals
Years 3-6 Visit to the Brewhouse - The Little Prince Christmas Musical

Years 3-6 Visit to the Brewhouse - The Little Prince Christmas Musical

Thursday 8 December

Carol Service

Sunday 11 December, 5:30pm at King's College Chapel

Carol Service

Upcoming Events

Day Prep


Week commencing 5 December

If you require day prep provision next week for your child/ren please book using the link below. The booking form will close at 9am on Monday; if you need to make a late booking or make any changes after this time please let us know by emailing SchoolOffice@kingshalltaunton.co.uk.   

If your child uses School transport and you need to make any changes please email Transport@kingshalltaunton.co.uk to let us know. 

Day Prep Booking Form

A View from the Rose Garden

Mrs Foster's Year 4 Class



Active lessons in different places…

History out in the woods: marching like a Roman soldier; getting in the 'tortoise' formation (or at least attempting it!); making rather sturdy [read: HEAVY] shields. Good learning fun. 

Relay race in the library to learn about the Dewey System: where can you find those non-fiction books about bones; how about autobiographies of famous people? Year 4 learned in a fast paced and exciting group relay race. Fun times!

We have fun in the Rose Garden, even when we are physically outside of the classroom!

Roman soldiers in action!

Snoops' Diary

by Snoops the Dog


Dear Friends, 

As you know, I’m not one to grumble, but I’ve just a little one that needs airing this week; it’s about my grooming. You see, the thing is, I’m involved in an after school hobby, which ordinarily, is the highlight of my week. On Tuesday however, as part of learning how to care about dogs, my little team of canine enthusiasts decided to bath me. This human ritual of giving dogs a deep clean really isn’t my favourite activity and I’m struggling to see the point. I know that I sometimes have to endure a bath if I have a little fox poo mishap, but I wish my hoomans would take notice and realise that I’m actually an efficient self-cleaning machine. 

If the bath experience wasn’t bad enough, in the absence of my own personal shampoo, I was lathered from top to tail in Head & Shoulders. I mean, really? Have you ever seen a Cockapoo with dandruff? 

And now for my final grumble: my eyebrows. It’s not fair that the Year 8 boys are allowed a trendy, floppy hairstyle with a neat, shiny fringe. You might be a little shocked by this, but not only was my fringe chopped in pudding bowl fashion, but my eyebrows were almost lopped completely off. 

My hoomans think I look cute with shining button eyes but they’re going to have to realise that cute isn’t always cool when I’m five and a half, which stands for maturity in dog years. 

I hope you’re not thinking that I’m lacking in Christmas spirit with this grumbling diary entry at the beginning of December. I can assure you that I’m almost as excited as the children and I even have my own doggie Advent calendar.

I won’t mention grooming again this term, even though you might see the dog wash trailer in the car park next week. Yes, my official Christmas ‘spruce up’ is scheduled for Tuesday. On this occasion I won’t mind being floofed and dowsed in pawfume for one of the best events of the school year: The Boarders’ Feast!

On that note, I’m off to practise my part in the Year 3 nativity assembly. You’ll be impressed if you’re coming to watch.

Bye for now.

Your Friend 
Snoops X

A Few Words From.....


Jack Perry, this term's Deputy Head Boy

This is my last note as Deputy Head Boy. I have really enjoyed this term and I’m still singing songs from Moana, especially Shiny, which was my favourite part of the performance because of the glowsticks!

Some of you football fans have probably been watching the World Cup. Hopefully England can go one step further than Euro 2020. Come on England! Hopefully it’s coming home!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas now that my Advent Calendar has been opened! There are Christmas Parties and Secret Santa to look forward to, as well as the Nativity - it feels like a very long time ago that I was a dancing camel in Pre-prep!

Boarding Blog

by Anna Hardy


Boarding Celebrations

This week the children have definitely started to get into the festive spirit after decorating the Christmas tree in the dining room. We have also celebrated Isadora’s birthday with lots of pizza and cake, the girls watched Home Alone which is a Christmas classic. 

We also enjoyed watching England beat Wales on Tuesday night, the goals definitely deserved celebrating. 

Some of us are off to the Barn Dance this evening, which we are excited about. There has been lots of dancing in the boarding house all week as well as the groups perfecting their performances ready for Boarders' Feast on Thursday 15 December. 

Have a great weekend everyone.

Academic Life



Year 3 have been finding fractions: fractions of shapes and fractions of groups of items.  They even had great fun out into the woods in their Outdoor Ed lesson making fractions from natural things. 

Year 4 undertook a capacity investigation this week and tried to find out who drinks the most coffee in the staff room. They first got a sense of measurement by guessing the capacity of measuring beakers that were covered in paper. It was shocking to find some were equal when the paper was ripped off! The children then guessed the capacity of different cups and mugs. They definitely achieved the learning objective by the end of the lesson, along with the additional information that Mrs. Foster's mug holds the most coffee: 400ml! 

As part of their Statistics and Probability module, some of the Year 6 pupils were tasked with researching a topic of their choice and collecting data on it. They then used the knowledge and skills they had been taught to illustrate the data by a means of their choice, such as a pie chart or pictogram. The last part of the process was to interpret the data and pose some questions on it that their classmates needed to answer. 

Aside from the curriculum content that is taught in maths lessons, a very important feature is the starter and plenary activities that take a few minutes at the start and end of lessons. These can range from fun activities such as the maths game from the Channel 4 programme Countdown, to team games that involve strategy and to good old fashioned mental arithmetic tests. The main benefit of these activities is that, whilst mathematical knowledge is obviously important, they emphasise and require the application of important ‘skills’ such as reasoning and problem solving, which are a vital component of being a successful mathematician. 


English as a Foreign Language

In EAL all of the pupils have made posters about the countries they have drawn in the EAL Fifa World Cup sweepstake. They have looked at size, shape and location of their country, flags, languages spoken, typical foods, unusual facts and, of course, their best football players. Several HMCs have been earned! 


Mr Rudkin's Tutor Group

8JR have had a busy term to say the least! Since half term there have been numerous rehearsals, a fantastic performance of Moana and those in the scholarship group are just finishing their mock examinations; on top of this there have been the normal competitive fixtures, Speech and Drama competitions, choir practice and more. 8JR have taken this exhaustive list in their stride and I would say a big well done to them! 

As the end of term looms in sight and Christmas festivities, there is much discussion on ensuring that the classroom is the best decorated tutor room in the school. The only rule has been not to start until December! Our World Cup sweepstake has been a regular topic of discussion with each morning starting with who beat who the evening before. Ffion being Welsh and having England as her team must have found this week a troublesome one. 

I asked my tutees what they were most looking forward to at Christmas see below for some of the things they said.

Have a great rest of the term and a Merry Christmas from 8JR. 

Opening presents

Having fun with my cousins

Eating chocolate

Watching my family opening their presents

Spending time with my family in Switzerland

Eating turkey

Spending time with family

Photos from our amazing senior production, Moana JR


Please see below photo of this week's Chapel Servers

This week's Sport round-up



On Sunday a group of King’s Hall pupils from a range of year groups travelled to Yeovil Athletics track and Leweston School to compete in a Biathlon time trial. All pupils were brilliant and recorded excellent times in both their runs and swims. We now have to wait until the national ranking list is produced to see how many of us qualify to the National Finals later in the year.


Squash tournament

Our pupils had a fantastic time playing squash with Taunton School last week. Lots of pupils competed in their first ever game with lots of learning and progress. Well done everyone and thanks to Mr Drew.

Christmas Cricket Clinic

Christmas Cricket Clinic

Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 December

There will be a Cricket Clinic running during the Christmas holidays at King's College for boys and girls in Years 4 - 8. For more information please email Rob Woodman using the link below.

For more Sport news...

For more Sport news...

Sport Twitter

Christmas shoeboxes for Ukraine

The Pupil Council invites you to participate in Christmas Shoeboxes for Ukraine. The idea is to pack a shoebox with new toys for a child and wrap it up in Christmas paper, put a label on the front noting the age group suitability of the contents; then please bring the completed wrapped boxes in to school for the attention of Mrs Foster.

Here are a few ideas of what you might like to put in the box:

  • Toys eg. stuffed teddy, interactive game, skipping rope, fidget toy
  • Hygiene items eg. hairbrush, toothbrush, packaged bar of soap, compact mirror, sanitary products
  • School supplies eg. pencils, pens, pencil case, crayons, notebooks, stickers
  • or other essentials such as gloves, hats, sunglasses

Thank you in advance of your kindness towards this worthy cause.

Mr Hall's Raising Awareness and Support

Mr Hall's Raising Awareness and Support

For the last 30 days, Mr Halls has grown a (some might say, terrible!) moustache to raise awareness and support men's health.  Last Saturday, 26 November, he also cycled 100km to Sidmouth and back in the wind and rain. If you would like to support him and this great charity, please click on the link below to donate.


'Elf'is Returns to King's Hall!

Its that time again...when the infamous King's Hall Elves have fun hiding around the school...

'Elf'is crash landed on Thursday morning, swinging from the Christmas tree branches. Some of the beady-eyed bus children claim to have seen him make an early appearance Wednesday night and I have also heard whisperings that he secretly wanted to spy on Mr Chippendale showing the boarders his dancing skills whilst they practised for the Boarders' Feast. 'Elf'is then hopped onto driver Chris Jordan's specially decorated Christmas bus to give the children a ride home.

Where will he pop up next...!?

Woodlands Adventure December Camp

Woodlands Adventure December Camp

19th-21st December

Woodlands Adventure is a holiday club with a difference. It takes place in our own woods at King’s Hall, so there are no televisions, computers or iPads, just fresh air, friends and a whole lot of fun!

Find out more about our fantastic camp on offer during December for children aged 3 to 13 by clicking the link below.

Holiday Camp


Our school shop stocks all the uniform items your child needs and includes some second-hand clothing. 

For a list of uniform items, shop opening times and payment details, please click the links below:
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If you prefer to order online, please click here to visit the website.

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