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Prep (Ages 7-13)


24 March 2023

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by Justin Chippendale

So there we go – another term full of energy and endeavour, full of effort and excellence and, at times, full of enervation and exhaustion!

There is a letter from me today that covers a little more fully than usual the general sense of accomplishment this term, so I’ll keep this brief this week.  Suffice to say it has been a busy seven days and House Music was a glorious and appropriate coda to launch us into the holidays.

Enjoy the rest of the Newsletter and I wish you an Easter break full of fun and relaxation from HEADlines.

This Week in Pre-Prep...

This Week in Pre-Prep...

by Claire Luckhurst

As we come to the end of the Lent term, it has been a real joy to reflect on all we have accomplished since January, and it is not surprising time seems to have passed at warp speed with all we have managed to fit in!  Highlights must include the class assemblies, STEM week and World Book Day as these always provide something ‘extra’ to the usual rhythms and routines.  However, it is sometimes the usual rhythms and routines in which you find the real highlights and Lent term often sees the children make huge leaps of progress in both their academic studies and personal and social development and they certainly haven’t disappointed this year!  Pre-Prep staff are so proud of how hard the children have worked this term and are already looking forward to continuing their learning journeys with them in the summer (after a very well-deserved rest over the Easter break!)

Pelican News

Well done to all those awarded 11+ and 13+ Scholarships this term

Next term...

Please see the School calendar and SOCs for more details and timings

Sunday 16th April

Boarders Return to school 5pm

Supper at 6pm

Sunday 16th April
Monday 17th April

Monday 17th April

Day pupils return to school

Reminder that children need to be in their summer uniform please

Monday 17th April

Summer Term hobbies start

Monday 17th April


Summer Term 2023

Thank you to those who have made their regular day prep bookings for next term through the Hobbies form.  Any ad hoc bookings/changes can be made as usual by emailing Schooloffice@kingshalltaunton.co.uk

If your child uses School transport and you need to make any changes please email Transport@kingshalltaunton.co.uk to let us know.

Year 6 Production

Extracts from Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches, The Twits and Fantastic Mr Fox’ and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ adapted by Richard George

The Year 6 production this year demonstrated that King’s Hall pupils always rise to a challenge.  A lively cast of 36 children took on at least two roles each and some had as many as three costume changes.

One can only say ‘words, words, words’ because the cast did an amazing feat of learning so many lines, understanding them and knowing their cues.  This only comes out of dedication and rehearsal and a diligent knowledge of characterisation.  To top that off there was lots of dancing too and pupils obviously took on board all the choreography to make it look creative and fun.

The production started with extracts from three of Dahl’s popular stories and these were conveyed very well from the witches with their bald heads and wigs ably led by Pippa R as the Grand High Witch, to the farmers with their disgusting habits, to the hilarious Twits, Rosie J and Harry G, who were accompanied by clear spoken narrators.

After the interval the energetic, modern story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was performed and certainly delighted audiences.  All of Year 6 demonstrated their enthusiasm as performers – combining their talents for dancing and acting to produce professional performances.

For those who had childhood memories of this enchanting story they were transported into the modern world of Dahl.  Gone were the orange faces and green hair, replaced by energetic dancing, crazy haired Oompa Loompas who worked well as an ensemble group.

The play offered a variety of entertainment, incorporating elements of humour and thoughtfulness.  The audience was transported on a magical adventure.  The use of colour was essential in this production, and the set design threw the audience into the delights of the Chocolate Factory.  Costumes were also vibrant and reflected the cast’s energy.

Crazy Willy Wonka played by Channah M, handled the huge number of lines extremely well and with excellent tone, projection and intonation.  Charlie Bucket, played by Henry D, captured the innocence and love of his family, tugging at the heart strings when he successfully won the Chocolate Factory at the end.  The Golden ticket winners were Veruca Salt played expressively by Maddie H who acted as a most unpleasant spoilt child!  Charlotte S as the fun chewing Violet Beauregarde delighted the audiences when she cleverly blew up as a blueberry – it was an ingenious costume and Charlotte’s facial expressions were so creative and hilarious.  Alexander E was Augustus Gloop and caused lots of laughter as he fell in the chocolate river and was magically squashed up the pipe.  He was funny as he appeared in the slots in the pipe even high up!  Mike TV played by Jinesh A, was cool talking, shocking the audience when he amazingly shrunk and appeared on the TV screen – Mr Eyers’ amazing technical skills allowed the audience to gasp and laugh at poor little Mike TV trapped with Rick Astley singing!  These children were ably supported by children playing their parents.  It was funny to see Mrs Gloop, hit Wonka with her handbag and watch the Salts fall into the garbage shute (where did they magically disappear?) and Mrs TV talk to a miniature Mike and pop him in her handbag.  Narrators in sparkly waistcoats and hats supported Wonka throughout and they moved the play along intertwining with the characters and remembering lots of lines.  Well done to Pippa, Ottolie, Isla and Jessica for speaking so very clearly and with expression. The Bucket family also delighted the audience with their antics, especially the dancing on the bed!

The Oompa Loompas were a constant presence and produced some amazing dances to powerful, fun songs.  One of the children’s favourite was the Mike TV dance as choreographer Laura Walker incorporated some freestyle moves.  Florence T demonstrated the wealth of talent at King’s Hall as her gymnastic ability shone as she backflipped across the stage.  This strong supportive ensemble was essential at linking all the scenes together.

The production also allowed children in Years 7 and 8 to give invaluable contributions behind the scenes, coordinating complex scene changes.  Charlotte, an ex-King’s Hall pupil from King’s College, successfully operated the lights.

This was a production which demonstrates the belief at King’s Hall that high quality modern drama provides children with confidence, determination and a taste for treading the boards of the West End.

Below are just some of the amazing photos taken, here is a link to see the rest - enjoy!

House Music Competition

House Music Competition

This year’s House Music Competition drew the Lent Term to a fantastic close. The event featured every pupil in the Prep Department and showcased a wealth of talent.

The entries for the Junior groups were varied, exciting and accomplished and received positive comments and constructive criticism from this year’s judge, Alison Powell.

House Music Juniors

Beginning with the foot-stomping, hand-clapping hit We Will Rock You by Queen, the assorted singers and percussionists of Gibbs kicked off the competition with real flair and quite a bit of volume!

They were followed by Bradfield with the lyrical A Million Dreams from the popular musical film The Greatest Showman. The group’s blend of beautiful singing with accompaniment from violin, saxophone, guitar and drums was entrancing.

Whitby performed third and gave a charismatic rendition of Revolting Children from the musical Matilda. The mix of singers, violin, bass guitar and drums was particularly effective.

The final Junior entry was Oldham with the popular Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay, here sung by five soloists (complete with effortlessly soaring top ‘G’s!) and accompanied by violin and glockenspiel.

The Junior class was won by Bradfield.

House Music Seniors

The Senior entries followed with a similarly diverse field of performances, all again receiving informative and positive feedback from the judge.

Bradfield started us off with another hit from Coldplay - Viva La Vida - with a large ensemble of solo/group singers, two violins, ‘cello, three guitars, piano and drums.

Gibbs followed with the more relaxed tempo and contemplative mood of Lost Boy by Ruth B which was performed with solo and group singers along with soulful accompaniment from violin, viola and drums.

Oldham presented the song Riptide by Vance Joy performed by a large cohort of singers (with tambourines!) and featured lovely harmonies and rhythms played on two violas.

The final group in the competition was Whitby with Backstreet Boys’ classic I Want It That Way featuring a group of enthusiastic instrumentalists/singers - each member of the group sang, even including those playing electric guitar, keyboard, drums and ‘cello!

The Senior class was won by Bradfield.

House Songs

The House Songs were all on the upbeat theme of dancing this year:

Oldham impressed with the catchy Better When I’m Dancin’ by Meghan Trainor.

Bradfield danced their way brilliantly through Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon.

The audience couldn’t stop their toes tapping with Whitby’s Can't Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake.

Gibbs finished the morning off with a rousing performance of P!nk’s Never Gonna Not Dance Again.

The House Song was won by Gibbs and the overall winner of the 2023 House Music Competition was Bradfield. Many congratulations and thanks to all the performers and staff involved.

Boarding Blog

by Anna Hardy

Thank You Matron 

It is with much sadness we say a fond farewell to Matron. She has given her all and been an integral part of the Boarding Team for 5 years and she will be sorely missed. We wish her well, as she is looking forward to spending much more time with her friends and family, as well as going on many adventures in camper van, Vera. Here is a little poem I wrote to say thanks: 


What are we all going to do without Matron? 
It’s definitely not going to be as much fun. 
Who are we going to ask to find that sock, 
Or who will go and buy us a new summer frock? 
She does so much I don’t know where to start, 
And we all know she has the biggest and kindest heart. 

I can guarantee she has never had two days the same, 
Every morning she wakes up not knowing the game! 
She does washing, labelling, folding, sorting and sewing, 
Whilst her ‘to do’ list just keeps growing and growing!  
From sorting out travel and taking children to opticians, 
To playing Twister and getting herself into all sorts of positions! 

Her role changes from day to day,  
And it might have made her hair start to grey, 
But there is nothing Matron can’t do, 
From organising a party to cleaning up poo! 
Matron’s credit challenges are a source of much fun, 
She is full of ideas which are second to none. 
She is always on duty, morning, noon and night, 
Even when we all got COVID, she was alright!   

Matron has touched the lives of so many boarders, 
Some might not always have been great at following her orders! 
However, anyone that has ever been in her care, 
Will know that what she has to offer is very rare. 
She is so generous, caring, thoughtful and kind, 
And gives the best hugs you will ever find.  
Just don’t ask her for help if you see a spider, 
She’s more likely to use you as a shield to hide her!  

Matron has helped so many people in so many ways,  
She always knows exactly what to say, the right phrase.  
She has the unique quality of always making you feel better, 
Even if it is just by finding your favourite sweater.  
She gives her all to every job she is given, 
She works so hard and is always so driven.  
This might be why she can get a little hot, 
You might have heard her mention it, she says it quite a lot! 

All jokes aside, you really have been brill, 
Now you truly do deserve some time to chill. 
Over the last 5 years you have given us your all, 
So go enjoy your ‘long walks’ or should I say pub crawl! 
You have given so much of yourself to this school, 
You now deserve to spend time with your loved ones and re-fuel.  
We will all miss you heaps and heaps, 
So, take with you lots of fond memories cos they are for keeps!  

Thank you so much Lyn. 

I hope you all have a lovely Easter and we look forward to seeing you all again in April. 

A few words from this term's Head Boy

Chris Barker

Hello, I hope you have had an amazing final week of Lent term. It was good to see all Year 6s participating in such a fantastic play last week, all of the rehearsals and hard work put in paid off. My favourite bit of the Year 6 play was seeing Augustus Gloop getting sucked up the chocolate tube. This Friday is House Music and there have been lots of House meetings in the build up to the event. It has been good to hear the songs getting better every week. I love House Music and I think it is a great way to compete against other houses in a fun way – come on Bradfield! In the Easter holidays I am going to Cape Verde with my family for one week and I am very excited. Cape Verde is the 4th biggest place in the world for turtle hatching so maybe I will be able to see some baby turtles. For Lent I gave up crisps, which I love and can’t resist to eat them. What did you give up for Lent?

A few words from this term's Head Boy

A View from the Rose Garden

Mrs Foster's Class

Fun with 4F!

There have been lots of exciting tasks in lessons from rainforest animal research in Geography to performance poetry in English.

In Geography, the pupils made their own choices, carried out research using books from the school library and the National Geographic Kids website set up on the Learnpads. They took notes, found pictures, then used their notes to make the beautiful leaflets, some of which are featured here - all are on display in our classroom.

You can also see some photos of the children rehearsing Blame by Allan Ahlberg.  They had fun on a beautiful morning bringing that poem to life! There is also one photo of Instructions for a Bunny based on the poem Instructions for a Giant by John Rice. The class very much enjoyed planning and writing these poems!

Snoops' Diary

by Snoops the Dog

Dear Friends,

What a spectacular end to the term! I don’t know about you, but I’m still buzzing with the beat of those wonderful songs; I’ll be doing a fluffy bottom wiggle for days! 

Other than ending the term on a high note (haha) I’ve been my usual busy self. It’s difficult dividing my time between Prep and Pre-Prep but I think I do a pretty good job at sharing my waggy love. 

It’s not just the children and teachers that enjoy my company, I also have lots of friends in the housekeeping department too.

They are some of the friendliest and most welcoming hoomans on the entire staff. Not only do they take such good care of the school, but they take great care of us too. 

In your homes you only have a few mini-hoomans, and you know how messy some of those can be! Can you imagine keeping on top of the dirt, debris and disorder that 300 of them make? 

So now, I would like to introduce my friend, Michaela. She comes from Lancashire, so she has a warm, homely Northern accent. I can recognise it because my cousin, Noah the Daschund, has a Lancastrian woof and the ducks in the Lake District taunt me with their northern quacks. (I’m going to see both in the Easter Holidays.) 

You can see from my photo that I lavish Michaela with fluffy cuddles and sloppy licks when I see her around school. I do believe that she takes great delight in my greetings because she keeps a secret stash of doggie treats for me, and they’re not just plain old biscuits. Sometimes they’re chewy venison strips and sometimes they are tasty wild boar nibbles. How posh is that? 

Well on that note, have a fantastic break. I know some of you are going skiing next week and the forecast is for lots of snow. I’m still waiting for Mr Chippendale to apply for my canine passport so that I can go on a school ski trip. I think I’d manage very well on a snowboard and I simply love sledging and snowball fights. 

Wherever you are, enjoy some R & R and see you next term. 

Love and Woofs

Snoops X

Mrs McDermott's Tutor Group

Mrs McDermott's Tutor Group

Phew, what a hectic last few weeks! Alice has been off in Ipswich at the IAPS Netball Nationals, Isabella playing in a sport for All Netball Tournament in Bristol; Wilbur, Teddy and Theo, after winning the West Hockey Championships are off today to the IAPS Hockey Nationals which are fortunately being played locally – at King’s College. Finn and Oliver became National Biathle Champions and Finn was also victorious last weekend at Leweston. House matches have come and gone, and House Music rehearsals are aplenty and there has been a rumble of excitement as Friday approached! Muriel, Zoe, Mason, Oliver and Wilbur enjoyed a superb Book Breakfast, discussing Like a Charm by Elle McNicoll. Oh, and we’ve also been in lots of lessons!

Here is a photo of the tutor group through Muriel's multi-lens glasses! I think it accurately reflects the feeling at the end of term.

Academic Life

Geography 8S

Geography 8S

Written by Grace Davidson-Derbyshire

In the past few lessons in Geography, 8S have been learning about climate change and sustainability and how we can make our homes and towns more environmentally friendly. We have recently designed and created sustainable homes for the future out of paper and card. Some of us have added things like solar panels, wind turbines and even hydroelectric-dams! It has been a very enjoyable project and we have learnt so much more about sustainability and the pros & cons of new methods of creating electricity.  

Lego Club 

This term the three boys have been busy building a Sith Infiltrator which has taken them all term! They have had to practise a lot of patience, turn-taking, communication and listening to achieve this. Lego © Club is based on Dr. Dan LeGoff’s Lego©-Based Therapy where each child has a given role: the ‘Engineer’ (the one with the instructions); the ‘Supplier’ who has to listen carefully to hear which pieces to find and pass to the ‘Builder’, who also has to listen carefully to hear how to put the pieces together to create the model. As you might imagine this takes time and lots of patience. Each child has had a go at playing one of the roles in our sessions. I am very proud of how well they did. 

Mrs Antonia Cheeseman (Head of Learning Strategies) 


Year 3 Exmoor Trip

Year 3 had a fantastic trip to Exmoor last Friday.  In the morning we walked to the top of the highest point on ExmoorDunkery Beacon – collecting information on the flora and fauna and using the map to find our way.  It was incredibly blowy at the top, but we put Mr Hands’ emergency shelters to good use!  We had a lunch stop at Bossington National Trust car park and then it was down to the beach to investigate the pill boxes and lime kiln as well as learn about OS maps and symbols.  A huge thank you to Mrs Gompels, Mr Hands and Miss Beale who all helped make the day such a success and to the children who were delightful to take out. 

Sports Update

Please click below to see this week's sporting updates via our King's Hall Sport Twitter feed.

King's Hall Sport Twitter
Maddie Hinch - Hockey Camp

Maddie Hinch - Hockey Camp

30th July

Following the announcement of Maddie's retirement from international hockey we are delighted to announce that we will be hosting one of her camps on Sunday 30th July. This camp will involve GKs and outfield players.

King's players have been given priority booking until today for this camp so head over to Maddie's website to book - link below

Maddie Hinch

Upcoming events...

Walker's Academy Performing Arts Camps

Walker's Academy Performing Arts Camps

'Matilda' and '& Juliet' 11-13 April

Matilda for school years Reception to Year 6

Join workshops from the world famous Matilda film and stage show. The programme will include learning songs, dances, staging and acting for castings from Matilda, delivered by the Walker's Performing Arts Academy. Train with working industry professionals from TV, film and theatre, and take part in a fun Acting for Camera and Casting workshop with a professional cameraman from Clockwise Films. Learn new skills in dance, drama and singing whilst growing in confidence, having fun and being creative. No experience necessary, just the passion and focus to embrace Performing Arts.

The workshops will run for three days at £195 per child, or there is the option to book two days or less for £75 per day.

Payments need to be made online via BACS

& Juliet for school years 7 and 8

Come and experience workshops from the new and current '& Juliet' stage show.

Romeo who?! With her bags packed and ready to escape Verona, Juliet recovers from heartbreak in the best way possible… by dancing the night away with her best friends by her side! But when the sparkle fades, the confetti falls and reality catches up, it’s clear that Juliet needs to face her past in order to find her future. Can she reclaim a story that has been written in the stars? Is there really life after Romeo, or could he be worth one more try?

The programme will include learning songs, dances, staging and acting for castings from the stage show, delivered by Walker's Performing Arts Academy.

The workshops will run for two days at £130 per child, or there is the option to book one day for £75. Payment information for this camp will be sent after bookings have been made on the online system.

Walker's Academy Further information


Bank Holiday Monday 8 May 2023

As part of the King’s Coronation celebrations Bear Grylls has launched The Big Help Out – asking local communities to get together to support local charities with their time and / or donations. 

The families and friends of King’s Hall are hosting a fundraiser on Bank Holiday Monday 8 May 2023. It’s going to help raise funds towards a much needed minibus for Somerset charity The Nelson Trust, in tandem with the Bear Grylls initiative to support local charities. Please come along and join in the fun activities from pony rides to bake offs, food and drink stalls and loads of fun and games for all ages. The address details are included on the save the date. Please RSVP to the contact number on the invitation. We will provide more details on the afternoon activities in due course. All family, friends, staff and alumni of the Kings community welcome. We hope you can join in!


Our school shop is open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2.30pm - 5pm

During Easter the shop will be open on an appointment only basis 

Wednesay 12th April or Thursday 13th April 9am-4pm with the last appointment being 3pm.

Pupils will need to return next term wearing summer uniform please.

The shop stocks all the uniform items your child needs and includes some second-hand clothing. For a list of uniform items, shop opening times and payment details, please click the links below:
Nursery and Pre-prep

If you prefer to order online, please click here to visit the website

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