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Prep (Ages 7-13)


19 May 2023



by Justin Chippendale

As part of my regular visits to classes I have been ‘to school’ a few times recently. I have been retelling some well-known Fairy Tales with Nursery 2 by drawing various stages to complete a story board; in Reception I was learning about the properties of simple shapes including seeking right angles in and outside the classroom; in Year 2 I was interpreting maps, and looking at the site map for The Wild Place made me very excited for my trip there; my time in Year 3 Geography was spent trying to figure out where all the water in the world goes when we can’t see it here; in Year 5 I was analysing a poem about a dragon and in Year 8 French I was cementing my understanding of present, future and past tenses (including cheeky little irregular verbs) before CE exams after half term.

Then, as part of our weekend activities, last Saturday I was helping out with the meatballs, tomato sauce and spaghetti in Cookery and tomorrow I am looking forward to taking the boys’ 3rd XI for their game against Millfield – I must remember suncream as it looks set fair.

There is always quite a variety going on in school and it is good to remember that a child has many different topics/subjects/activities to focus on each day and they need to be pretty focused to be alert and active for each different session.  That’s why it is good to reset when the chance comes at a weekend: I hope you enjoy yours.



This Week in Pre-Prep...

This Week in Pre-Prep...

by Claire Luckhurst

This week started with the grand unveiling of this year’s Summer Show spectacular which was met with plenty of excitement and enthusiasm. Summer term in Pre-Prep will conclude with the performance of, ‘Pirates versus Mermaids’, a swashbuckling adventure in which we will meet a band of brave pirates, a crew of feisty mermaids, a crocodile and a rather quirky parrot!



Pelican News

School Calendar

Please check the Portal and SOCs for details and timings of what is happening this term


Our lives are busy, and in the midst of working, revising, studying, competing and doing life's chores, it's easy to overlook our own mental health and that of others. 

This week is #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, which serves as a valuable reminder to look out for one another and ourselves; #mentalhealth and #wellbeing is always a key focus in our community. 

The theme this year is anxiety. Free resources from the Mental Health Foundation will help you understand more about anxiety and the things you can do to help.  



Good luck to Grace, Natasha, Barnie, Alistair, Tilly, Kate, Carter, Ffion, Henry, Thomas, Thomas O and Tabitha!

Exmoor Challenge 2023

Next week ...



Years 2, 3 & 4 Sports Day
Monday 22nd 

The first event starts at 2.00 pm 

Years 5 - 8 Sports Day
Friday 26th

The first event starts at 1.10 pm

8S presentations to their parents

Friday 26th

8S have been busy working on their Power projects by participating in research workshops, learning about the cycle of research and developing the information literacy skills necessary for independent research projects.  They have also learnt citation and how to create a bibliography.      The children will be presenting their finished work to their parents on Friday 26th May.

8S presentations to their parents
Half-Term starts

Half-Term starts

Friday 26th

A reminder that school finishes for all at 4.30pm (or earlier as per normal routines for some in Pre-Prep)

Well done to everybody who entered!

King Charles III Art Competition


The Art department was so delighted with the very high quality of entries received for the King Charles III art competition that they decision was made to give a prize to the winner in each year group. 

Here are the winning entries and a very late entry which was so good that it deserves a special mention. 

Boarding Blog

A busy week of exams is finally over! Years 5 -7 have been working super hard this week and it has been lovely for them to enjoy their evenings without revision the last few nights. Year 8s are continuing to work hard – keep going as there isn’t long to go!   

Besides exams and revision there has still been plenty of fun in the boarding house this week.

The weather has been amazing! We have been able to get some fabulous cricket matches in, we have spent the evenings outside in the glorious sun and we had the most amazing day at the Bear Trail on Sunday. The Bear Trail is a big muddy outdoor obstacle course and you can see from the photos there was no shortage of mud! Everyone was absolutely covered in it - apologies for the washing Mrs Lewis!

Last week I asked you all to cross your fingers for some weekend sunshine, and you delivered … so, this week my plea is simple - never uncross those fingers!

Have a lovely weekend.



If anyone would like to join the fun at anytime, please contact bookboarding@kingshalltaunton.co.uk 

Year 4 visit to Lulworth Cove


With its amazing landforms and five types of rock, Lulworth is considered one of the best places in the world to study geology. Aren't we lucky to live a bus ride away from such a beautiful place?

This term, Year 4 have been studying coasts and most recently they learned about coastal erosion.  At Stair Hole, Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door we could see the evidence of coastal erosion processes as well as start to identify the types of rock.  The children were very excited to spot caves, arches and a stump that had once been a stack!

Along the coastal path to Durdle Door, many friendly dogs were petted, including this lovely giant of a dog that you can see in the picture! The owner did give permission for his dog, Alfred, to be featured in our newsletter!

What a wonderful day of learning, excitement, joy, skimming stones, hiking, eating a picnic together on the grass, enjoying ice cream by the beach and experiencing real-life geography in beautiful Dorset!

A few words from this term's Deputy Head Girl ...


Hello everyone 

My name is Erin, and I am one of this term's Deputy Head Girls. I am honoured to have been given the opportunity to represent my school, despite only joining King's in September. 

I hope you all watched and enjoyed the King's Coronation a few weeks ago. I spent the long weekend up in Shrewsbury with some family we haven’t seen in a very long time. Our weekend included dog walks in the park, fabulous dinner feasts and even a special performance of ‘Morningtown Ride’ from my six-year-old cousin, complete with singing, dancing and actions! 

This week, I have enjoyed making apple crumble in DT with Mr Stannett, learning new tennis skills in PE with Mr Halls and playing a cricket match against Taunton School on Wednesday. I am thankful for all the experiences King’s Hall has given me and the way all students and teachers have welcomed me. 

I hope all Year 5-7s exams went well this week and I wish that the CE Year 8s exams go well for them too.  

Have an amazing rest of the Summer term and enjoy those days where the good old British weather is actually nice! 

A View from the Rose Garden


We’re all about the letter H this week: happiness, hill forts and homophones!   

Nationally it is mental health awareness week and we have chatted about the emotion of anger.  The children came up with brilliant solutions to deal with times when they may feel rage descend; like walk away and try to ‘blow a cloud’, talk it out, use a stress ball, rest or simply let it all go and have a good cry.   

Our spelling list included homophones (words that sound the same but have different meanings) and we had lots of fun sorting this puzzle.  After a quick google search we also learnt there are thought to be over 6000 in the English language. 

Finally see what the Year 3s were up to in outdoor learning and look closely at how they are making a hill fort for ants!   

Snoops' Diary

by Snoops the Dog


Dear Friends

I hope you’ve all had a happy week. My smile might not be as obvious as yours, as it’s hidden below my fluffy locks, but I can promise you - I’ve been smiling all week.

My reasons to be cheerful (and there are more than three!) 

  1. Playtimes are on the field again.
  2. My friends in Year 5 - 7 have finished their exams.
  3. Mr Chippendale’s arm is getting better.
  4. The sun has been shining for most of the week.
  5. Hearing the children having a fantastic time in the outdoor pool.
  6. Plenty of staff having random doggy treats in their pockets.
  7. Getting taken for an extra walk on a Tuesday with my friends in the Snoops hobby.
  8. My weekly sleepovers in the boarding house.
  9. Writing my diary. (Do you know that I have a special keyboard overlay, especially adapted for medium sized, fluffy paws?) 
  10. Belonging to the best school in the whole entire world; if not the universe (in my opinion). 

Your turn now. Can you make a list of 10 things that make you cheerful? 

Have a happy and cheerful weekend.

Your Friend 


Snoops X

Exam top tips

Mr Stannett's Year 7 tutor group


Now that the exam season has finished we thought we would share some invaluable tips and techniques which helped us revise effectively ... 

Let's dive in! 

Start early and create a schedule

Don't leave your revision until the last minute. Begin your preparations well in advance, allowing yourself ample time to cover all the necessary material. Break down your subjects into manageable chunks and create a study schedule. A well-structured timetable will help you stay organized and ensure you cover all the topics without feeling overwhelmed.

Understand the exam format

Familiarise yourself with the exam format and requirements. Know how many questions you need to answer, the time limit, and the marks assigned to each section.

Active learning through summarising and teaching

One of the most effective ways to retain information is through active learning. Instead of passively reading textbooks, try summarising the key points in your own words. This process helps solidify your understanding and facilitates memory recall. Furthermore, teach the topics to a friend or family member.

Use visual aids and diagrams

Visual aids, such as diagrams, mind maps, and flowcharts, can be powerful tools for revision. They help you visualize complex ideas, establish connections between different concepts, and promote better understanding. Create colourful diagrams or use online tools to enhance your visual representation of information.

Practice regularly and test yourself

Practice makes perfect! Regular revision sessions, along with self-testing, are crucial for exam preparation. Solve practice questions, attempt sample papers, and engage in online quizzes related to your subject matter. Testing yourself not only reveals gaps in your knowledge but also boosts your confidence and helps you become familiar with the exam conditions.

Find your ideal study environment

Identify the study environment that works best for you. Some students thrive in complete silence, while others prefer background music or ambient noise. Make sure your study space is well-lit, comfortable, and free from distractions.

Take regular breaks and practice self-care

While it's essential to dedicate time to revision, it's equally important to take regular breaks to avoid burnout. Breaks rejuvenate your mind and help retain information more effectively.

Seek help and collaborate

Don't hesitate to seek help if you're struggling with a particular topic or concept. Reach out to your classmates and teachers. Collaboration and discussing ideas with others can deepen your understanding and offer fresh perspectives.

Stay positive and believe in yourself

Maintaining a positive mindset can work wonders for your exam performance. Believe in your abilities and stay confident throughout the revision process.


A big thank you to @KingsTaunton for hosting another brilliant #crosscountry race.

Our pupils in Years 4-6 had a great time running around the site on a stunning afternoon. Well done @SASPsomerset for coordinating the event too.

Hours of fun have been spent on the cricket cradle this week.

A brilliant gift from a parent.

Alba, Natasha, Lucia, Lizzy & Tabitha

Congratulations for qualifying for the 2023 IAPS National Swimming Finals later this term.  

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