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Pre-Prep (Ages 2-7)

Year 1


Welcome to Year 1

Year 1 marks the start of the Key Stage 1 curriculum, which builds on all the wonderful learning the children have experienced whilst in the Early Years Foundation Stage. We largely follow the National Curriculum, but have the freedom to steer learning journeys ‘off-track’ to foster individual interests and the unexpected.

Your child will continue to be taught in mixed-ability classes, with activities differentiated to meet their individual academic needs and learning styles.

Children's reading is heard every day and they are expected to read every night at home.


Making Progress

All of the children’s progress is carefully tracked through weekly teacher assessments as well as termly standardised assessments. This ensures their individual learning journeys can be carefully planned and that they are heading in the right direction.

You will be invited to two formal parent-teacher meetings and receive two formal written reports. However, we operate an open door policy, and should you wish to see us at any other time, we are more than happy to arrange an appointment.

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