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Sessions scheduled throughout the academic year, designed to offer unique opportunities for young learners.

Projects Funded by The 1880 Club

The 1880 Club allows us simply to do more with and for our pupils by providing equipment that enhances the participants experience and allows staff greater scope in the planning of adventurous activities.

Cpt Chris Pearson OA Bishop Fox 2002, former Head of Outdoor Education & Army Section CCF

I am delighted to have received funding for a set of Chinese bilingual dictionaries. These dictionaries, along with the sets we already have for Spanish and French, will provide our overseas pupils with the tools they need to communicate effectively and understand aspects of another culture.

Kathy Aladin, Learning Strategies and EAL Teacher, King's College Prep

It is wonderful to have the opportunity to introduce so many children to the delights of string playing, and we hope to encourage some budding violinists while also having lots of fun! We are hugely grateful to the 1880 Club for supporting our young musicians.

Gareth Dayus-Jones, Director of Music, King's College Prep

The funds raised through our programme of regular giving – The 1880 Club – are used towards a variety of different projects across all areas of school life, benefiting all the members of the King's community. When you make a donation to the Enhancing King's Fund, it is up to you to decide whether you would like to specify where your money is directed, or whether you are happy for the school to use it where it is needed most.

Climbing Shoes

Climbing Shoes

King's College Prep Co-Curricular

Due to the popularity of climbing we quickly ran out of climbing shoes in the popular larger sizes and through a donation we were able to purchase a further six pairs of shoes to allow more participants to access climbing and make the most of the opportunities we have available. 

Drama Props

Drama Props

King's College Prep Drama

Each year King's College Prep hosts Arts Week, with each one being centred around a different theme. For their circus theme, they required a number of props to enhance our Year 4 show. After the show was performed to delighted audiences, instead of the props going into storage in the prop cupboard, they were shared with Years 3 and 4 in the Rose Garden as items to play with at breaktime – a kind of playtime circus box! 

Road Bikes

Road Bikes

King's College Co-Curricular

We decided to introduce cycling to our outdoor activity options as a healthy, fun and low-impact form of exercise. To start this programme we required eight road bikes along with all the appropriate clothing and accessories. The activity is now available twice a week as well as being available for boarders at the weekend. Pupils are accompanied by a British Cycling Club qualified member of staff. 

Drum Screens

Drum Screens

King's College Music

The purchase of these drum screens enhanced our studio rehearsal space and the live use of drums by creating an enclosed area for drumming. This reduced the volume of the kit and has enabled a better balance between the members of the ensemble and during the recording sessions. 



King's College Prep Sport

To help us to distinguish the routes between the King’s Loop at King's College Prep, our football pitches and rugby pitches, we needed a large number of coloured flags as markers for the route. Now, instead of a sea of red flags on our smaller piches, the new flags have helped our pupils to plan their running route, and easily identify the rugby or football pitches. They will also be extremely useful for when parents are allowed back to watch! 

Art Exhibition Venue

Art Exhibition Venue

King's College Art

Our art department has successfully held exhibitions in a variety of locations across Somerset and Devon. Enabling our young artists to have a show outside of school is a very positive experience for them and a great motivator. Head of Art, Clare Schmidt was keen to expand this experience by asking the pupils to play a bigger role in the organisation and curation of exhibitions. The Old Brick Workshop was identified as an ideal venue for a new exhibition of work – it is a great venue with a professional gallery space. The owner Alison Cosserat was delighted for the pupils to take the lead in liaising with her for marketing, publicity, curation etc. The resulting exhibition was well supported and another valuable experience for our pupils, who were also inspired by the second year degree students who also use the space. 

Video Mixer

Video Mixer

King's College Prep Drama

King’s Prep were in desperate need of a small piece of equipment for remote assemblies and lessons. The generous donation we received has definitely benefited our younger pupils. We received some fantastic feedback and Mr Eyres was able to generate some fantastically interactive content for our social media channels when filming lessons. It would have been almost impossible for him to manage without this kit. 

We meet regularly with the pupils, house parents and teachers to discuss how to make the King’s experience even better. Together we have identified several items as enhancements, which sit outside the provision of the school’s day-to-day budget. Your generosity will be put towards one of these projects and will mean an immediate benefit to all areas of school life.

Capital Campaign Projects

Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.

Hank Rosso

What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone?

Sir Winston Churchill

Over the last few years both schools have benefited greatly from the generosity of former pupils and supporters of King's.

Recent developments have seen a state-of-the-art Sports Performance and Cricket Centre at King's College, formally opened by Jos Buttler OA Tuckwell 2007. This facility enables cricket practice and developme to take place all year round and also facilitates a number of other sports to use the space.

At King's College Prep, the three phases of the adventure playground enhanced our children's experience outdoors, while the new science faculty and cookery school offered bright modern facilities for all manner of experiments and learning to take place.

These new facilities would not have been possible without vital fundraising, the gift of legacies and our accessible monthly giving through The 1880 Club.

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