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The 1880 Club

We are extremely grateful for the funding from The 1880 Club, as this has enabled us to launch the Howard Biology Society, carry out a wealth of dissection experiences, and buy items such as the suturing kits and the DNA extraction kit. With The 1880 Club’s support in the next academic year we will be able to continue to develop the hands-on materials available to the pupils and purchase further dissection equipment and specimens. We also hope to delve into the world of genetics and mutations by breeding some fruit flies!

Dr Rebecca Stone, Head of Biology

On behalf of the proposed Kenya 2021 Expedition team, may we take this opportunity to thank all those who have kindly donated so far towards our Mountain Equipment jackets. This will help the pupils enormously to keep warm when they do the final climb to the summit of Mt Kenya.

Sgt Ronald Mason (CCF)

The 1880 Club created great opportunities and experiences for my time at King’s and helps the school become an even happier and better place than it is already.

Ed Hunt OA, Tuckwell 2019

Enhance King's by Joining The 1880 Club

To encourage a habit of life long giving, we have introduced the 1880 Club. This is a simple way to give back to King’s in manageable, monthly amounts. With 25% gift aid and the aggregation effect of many members, we put the funds to use based on pupil driven ideas.

Donations can start from as little as £1.88 per month, or you can make a one off donation – your involvement means much more to us than the amount you donate.

Standing Order Form Gift Aid

In return for your generosity, we will send you a stylish Castelli 1880 note book, a letter of thanks from our Headmasters and regular updates on the impact of your kindness.  If you would like to join, choose a monthly amount with which you are comfortable, download our form using the button above and send back to us at: Freepost RRBS-CAZU-YCLK, King’s College, Old Aluredian Club Office, South Road, Taunton, TA1 3LA. 


Funded Projects

Your money will go towards one of a variety of different projects across all areas of school life, and will therefore be of benefit to all the members of the King's College community. When you make a donation to the Enhancing King's Fund, it is up to you to decide whether you would like to specify where your money is directed, or whether you are happy for the school to use it where it is needed most. 

Click the button below to see just where your money has gone.

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