Published on: Monday, June 27, 2022

This outdoor production is a yearly treat and took place in the beautiful Rose Garden with not a drop of rain in sight! The audience was transported into the well-known biblical story which in this retelling involved colourful costumes, delightful songs, lots of laughter and plenty of animals.   

All pupils in the two classes took on a role, and with a clever doubling up of parts, identically clothed and seamlessly switched in, the play was full of life.   

The Arts Week theme was Puppets & Animals, so entering the ark were large puppet masks handled by the pupils. These amazing creations were made by staff, specialist artists and Year 4, and looked amazing standing in the ark made of pallets. 

The rousing music, songs and hilarious jokes (the 9-‘carrot’ donkey!) made this production memorable. The children learnt many lines and followed stage directions showing their confidence and willingness to learn and perform. It was also heart-warming to see some keen thespians from Year 7, contributing their skills as stagehands, or helping with sound and props.  

The Year 4’s should be congratulated for working hard to produce a super play and one they will not forget in the summer heat of June 2022. 

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