Published on: Friday, October 14, 2022

Third Form pupil Emily M recently returned from Greece after being crowned the U15 European Triathle Champion, alongside winning Team Gold for GB.

The Junior Triathle comprises of a shoot, run, shoot, swim, run and shoot. Emily was nearly last out of the first shoot phase but in fourth place after the first run. She exited the second shoot in first place then stormed the swim and the next run, finishing with a perfect score in the final shoot.

Since joining in September, Emily has thrown herself in to all aspects of school life and takes part in a range of sports including hockey, netball, swimming, cross country and equestrian. She was attracted to King’s by the variety of sports on offer and the flexibility to access a breadth of activities without having to specialise too early. At King’s, Emily and her peers are not rushing to complete everything by early afternoon. The longer days means they have time to get a lot done, including their academic work, sports practice, clubs and societies as well as matches and weekend fixtures.

King’s Director of Sport Phil Lewis said, “This has been a wonderful result for Emily. We have already seen how hard she works in the short time she has been with us, and I have been delighted with the support our swimming coaching and multi-sports team have given her. She is an incredibly hard working and dedicated pupil, which makes these milestones and achievements all the more rewarding for her."

Pupils are welcome to join the King’s Multi-Sports Academy which is designed to offer top level coaching from former pentathlete Lydia Rivet. The school also regularly hosts and organises a number of multi-sports events including a triathlon, biathlon and pentathlon.

Emily’s Mum reflected, “Both her individual win and team gold were outstanding achievements and we are immensely proud. Emily is a conscientious young sportswoman and I can’t tell you how much she put into that race. She was so focused and determined, and she nailed it thanks to everything King’s does to support her. We can’t thank them enough.”

After her success in Greece, Emily and her cousin Josh C, a Lower Sixth Former at King’s, will be travelling to Madeira to both compete in the World Triathle Championship.

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