Published on: Wednesday, May 15, 2024

The King's swimming team put in an excellent performance at the recent 2024 Meade King Cup swimming gala. This year, it was the turn of Queen's College to organise this historic event, which took place at Taunton School on Friday, 10 May.
The Meade King Cup, a testament to our school's rich sporting history, was first provided by Richard Liddon Meade-King, the esteemed school doctor at King's College for 30 years from 1897. Dr Meade-King's unwavering support for school sports and his pivotal role in establishing the first King's pool are legendary. The inaugural Meade King Cup competition, held in 1925, saw King's, Queen’s, Taunton and Wellington Schools vying for the trophy. Today, this event proudly holds the title for being the longest, continuously running school sports competition in existence.
Despite the King's team losing some of our swimmers to the demanding 10 Tors Challenge, their unwavering spirit led them to secure a commendable second place overall. King's dominated in 6 races, securing first place, and showed their mettle in 5 races, securing second place. We must also acknowledge the outstanding individual performances of Katie S, Miko Y, Sophie W and Euan M, who all emerged victorious in their respective events. A remarkable feat was that King's had no disqualifications throughout the competition, a testament to their discipline and focus.
Sammy Kemmish, Acting Director of Sport, said, 'We are delighted by the swimming team's performance, this follows a wonderful year of swimming competitions for King's pupils including numerous inter-school galas; the Bath and Otter Cup, which took place at the London Aquatic Centre; and the English School Swimming Association's relay event, which was hosted by Millfield.
Sandra Ison, Head of Swimming, said, 'I am very proud of our superb swimmers. The way the team rallied together and cheered each other on is a testament to the supportive and friendly King's culture, for which this wonderful school is well known.'

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