Published on: Thursday, June 20, 2024

King's College, Taunton, and King's College Prep, Taunton, recently hosted their first-ever Giving Day, marking 36 hours of connection, celebration, and philanthropy. The event brought together Old Aluredians (OAs), parents, staff, and friends in a unified effort to raise funds for key projects that will enhance the educational experience of all pupils, now and in the future.

This landmark event was an opportunity for the community to make a meaningful difference in the lives of students. With a focus on a variety of areas including bursaries, the performing arts, and the junior common room, the Giving Day provided a platform for everyone to contribute in ways that resonated with them personally.

In an impressive show of generosity, we managed to raise £69,000 within 36 hours. The Giving Day featured an array of engaging challenges and activities designed to foster school spirit and participation. Highlights included Animal ISpy, mountain biking, netball, cricket, football, art, STEM projects, computer coding, cooking, rock climbing, basketball challenges and a cricket catching challenge. The day culminated in a vibrant colour run, bringing together participants in a final celebration of community and generosity.

Donors were given the option to direct their contributions to specific initiatives, including enhancing the performing arts at King's College Prep to unleash student creativity, upgrading the junior common room and sports café at King's College Taunton, and supporting the Sixth Form Bursary Programme. Every donation, regardless of size, made a significant and lasting impact on the schools' ability to provide exceptional educational experiences. The response from the community was overwhelming, reflecting a shared commitment to the schools' mission and the future success of their pupils.

The success of the Giving Day is a testament to the strength and generosity of the King's College and King's Prep community. With the funds raised, the schools are well-positioned to embark on new projects that will enrich the lives of students for years to come. The event not only highlighted the importance of giving but also showcased the vibrant and supportive community that makes King's College and King's Prep exceptional places to learn and grow.

As the final tally of donations is still being counted, the excitement and gratitude from the event continue to resonate throughout the schools. The inaugural Giving Day has set a high standard for future events, and the King's College and King's Prep community looks forward to building on this success in the years to come.

The donation link remains open for a month, so there is still an opportunity to give and support.

Join us in celebrating this inspiring journey of giving back and creating positive change. Together, we have made the first-ever Giving Day at King's College, Taunton and King's Prep an unforgettable success.

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