Published on: Monday, July 4, 2022

At the end of term, we held our annual ceremony to celebrate the hard work and achievements of our pupils, with categories ranging from academic prizes and sporting achievements to awards for outstanding contribution to school life.

Cdre Jolyon Woodard, Royal Navy presented the prizes then gave an empowering speech urging leavers to go out and change the world, which they would do if they just stuck to doing the right thing.

During the ceremony, Joshua T was awarded the annual Woodard Prize, which this year was presented by Sir Robert Woodard himself. The prize is awarded to the pupil who makes the most significant contribution to the life of the school Chapel or to the promotion of the Christian character, teaching and practice of the school, or who demonstrates selflessness and self-sacrifice.

The day was tinged with some sadness as we said a fond farewell to Mr Biggs and reflected on the significant contribution he has made to the school. We all wish him the very best for his retirement and thank him for his steadfast and unwavering leadership over the last 15 years.

As is traditional on Parents' Day, we had numerous accolades to award. Below is a complete list of all of this year’s winners:


Upper Sixth

Lower Sixth

Fifth Form

 Fourth Form

Art - Fine Art

Pia H

Amelie J

Freya S

Elizabeth W

Art - Other

Hazel B

Ariel F

Daniela H

Ruby M


Max C

Robbie M

Nell W-J

Ruby B-K

BTEC Sport

Abbie S

Alex K



Business Studies

Draco L

Jay B




Julia V

Robbie M

Nell W-J

Cameron W

Design & Technology

Terry S

Isabella L

Lilly-Anne H

Hannah C


Poppy F

Harrie R

Josie W

Ruby M


Pia H

Brian T




Louis B

Jess C

Sophia A

Ruby B-K




Roman N

Placido U


Amelie R





Max G

Kaspar L

Freya S

Tilly F

Further Maths

Terry S

Catherine H




Jack K

Joe C

Madeline B

Poppy C


Fabian B

Tom W

Hettie C

Cameron W


Louis B

Max E

Nell W-J

Poppy C


William S


Madeline B

Greta S


Max G

Amelie J

Evangeline P

Joey S


Louis B

Liam A

Oscar B

Poppy C

Music Technology


Charly S




Alice T

Abby H

Nell W-J

Ruby B-K


Terry S

Catherine H

Nell W-J

Cameron W


Pia H

Theresa G





Jessica C

Izabella C

Greta S


Meg J

Ozo M

Nell W-J

Great S

Combined Science



Natalie R

Chico N

One-year International





Third Form prize for best academic and best progress in each class:

Ben K
Roisin O
Audrey T
Bertie M
Robyn C
Oliver G
Abby T
Phoebe A
Leigh G-W
Dylan J


Julian Stevens Music Award                                                  
Anastasia W

Outstanding Instrumentalist
Matthew O

Clough Prize for Music
Louis B

Choir Prizes
Louis B
Ketsia B
Sophie C
Cora F-F
Max G
Kaitlyn L
Matthew O
Amelie R
Timothy R
Daisy S
Anastasia W

School Drama
Thea De B - Third Form
Huckleberry H - Fourth Form
Charlie S - Fifth Form
Armine A - Lower Sixth
Oliver B - Upper Sixth

The Potter Trophy - Fifth Form
Josh C
Emily O           

The Dane Toogood Trophy - Upper Sixth
James R
George T

The Fullilove Trophy - Upper Sixth
Lucy D
Martha L

Outward Bound
Charlie R                                                                                 

CCF Cadet (Junior and Senior)
Nathaniel F
Matthew O

Sports Leaders
Abbie St

Community Service (Junior and Senior)
Harvey Evans

Debating (Junior and Senior)
Oscar B
Louis B                                                           

Crabtree Prize for an Outstanding Lower Sixth maths pupil
Catherine H

Cole Prize for Languages
Florentine Z

Joan Sewell Prize for Design Technology - Fifth Form
Lilly-Anne H

Pelican Prize for Design Technology - Lower Sixth Form
Isabella L

The Conrad Meyer Prize for Design Technology - Upper Sixth Form
Terry S

The Stanley Perrat Prize for Economics
William S-C                

Provost’s Prize for the Best Academic - Upper Sixth Form
Louis B

Mott Prize
Herbert Y

Ferrett Prize
Labis G
Mia M

Bolt Prize
Hettie C
Josh C

Tonks Prize
Izzy C
Robbie M        

Woodard Prize
Josh T                                            

OA Prizes

Katie B
Harry B
Olivia B
Samantha C
Ella D
Katie D
Charlie D
Sam G
Mia G
William H
Olivia J
Vikis K
Aubrey L-S
Joshua L
Thomas M
Elly M
Malaika N
Maria K
Tom S
Sam W
Oliver W  

Fortis et Fidelis awarded to the School Captains:

Louis B
Anastasia W

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