Published on: Sunday, February 26, 2023

Good nutrition is essential to a growing child's development, and each pupil deserves a choice of foods that are not only tasty, but also good for their bodies.

At King’s College, food is available around-the-clock, from a hearty early breakfast and delicious lunch menu, to high energy snacks and packed meals for trips. For our boarding pupils, school is their home and they eat 21 meals at school, so variety and choice is on offer with a fun element at the weekends.

For all pupils, healthy, nutritious, balanced meals that sustain them throughout their busy days are readily available, and pupils have a say in what’s on offer through the School Food Committee.

The Food Rep from each house gathers feedback and suggestions from their peers before attending the termly committee meeting. This helps the catering team refine their menus and provide more of the pupils’ favourites such as vegetarian lasagne, afternoon teacakes and hot cross buns during the Lent Term. Currently the chefs are working on a plant-based lunch and preparing to canvas the Committee’s opinion before introducing it to the school community. Other suggestions included serving brunch on Sundays, and pizza, burgers and curry on the Saturday night menu.

With the pupils' health, wellbeing and satisfaction is at the root of everything the catering team does, everyone is encouraged to discuss their dietary requirements, food intolerances, allergies and preferences with them in order to continue to produce fresh food from scratch that everyone enjoys.

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