Published on: Monday, November 29, 2021

King's welcomed film producer and King's parent Guy de Beaujeu to talk about the making of Journey's End, the critically acclaimed film adaptation of the R C Sherriff play which GCSE classes have been studying as part of their IGCSE English Literature course.

Guy outlined some of the vast range of tasks needed to bring the film into production, including acquiring the rights, adapting and updating the play as a film script, and assembling the cast and crew. He focused on the ways in which playwright and film director tell a story of human suffering rather than violent warfare, and the different context this would have had for a 1920s audience, as well as decisions that needed to be made, regarding choice of language, the portrayal of characters, and letting the camera, as well as the script, tell the story.

The pupils were enthralled, listening intently and watching some moving scenes from the film with a much greater appreciation of how this emotion was created. Afterwards, several stayed to ask Guy questions, about the script and interpretation, and also to see Asa Butterfield's prop collection, objects of reverence for many.

Head of English Toby Smith said, "It was an amazing opportunity for our pupils, and teachers as well as pupils will understand the play in a different light, and the engagement of the pupils spoke for itself. We are all very grateful to Guy for coming in to talk to us and look forward to taking this enhanced appreciation back into the classroom."

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