Published on: Friday, June 25, 2021

Our Head of Drama, Mrs Keirle reflects on a year at King's HalI:

It has been a difficult time for the world of theatre and drama all over the country. As theatres gradually open their doors to small audiences once again, and Andrew Lloyd Webber demands the government to allow full capacity in theatres to allow them to survive, drama at King’s Hall continues. Drama has proved to be an essential part of our lives – we need it to relax, have fun and we need it to learn those soft skills so vital in our lives – concentration, focus, relaxation, co-operation, team work, support.

Over the past months the success of drama has continued despite everything in its way:

Year 6 Ghosthunters was performed to empty seats and filmed in March 2020

Drama was performed in living rooms, kitchens and gardens - Summer 2020

Year 4 Play Ahmed and the Feather Girl was created at homes and made into a film June 2020

Year 8 performed bubble plays – Twisted/The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty/Who me? Yes You! - performed to school audiences and filmed. November 2020

Year 6 created Revolting Rhymes at home which was made into a film. They also performed some performances on the return to school to each other. March 2021

Finally in June 2021 Year 4 performed to a real audience (socially distanced and less than 30) outdoors ‘Come to the CIrcus’

The Year 4s were delighted to perform such a colourful, vibrant, uplifting play.

Costumes dazzled, clowns amused, acrobats did amazing splits, weightlifters flexed muscles, jugglers juggled, circus music lifted spirits and ringmasters announced the acts. Two Dotty old grannies also entertained as well as lots of monkeys, lion tamers and a fierce lion called Snoops! The children must be congratulated on their spoken words, movement around the stage, handling of props, exits and entrances and mostly for their ‘Circus Acts’.

The clowns’ comic routine to funny music made everyone laugh as they fell about the stage and had buckets on their heads and feet stuck in tubs. The acrobats amazed with ribbons and fantastic gymnastics. The weightlifters were amazing at lifting such heavy weights (who couldn’t love the balloon weights!), the jugglers tried to be like the Circus Act on Monday and were great with the spinning plates and finally the Lion tamers – 3 lions (2 human and 1 delighted Snoops to be staring in a play yet again) wowed the audience with their tricks.

This play really involved everyone and it was delightful to see the smiles on the cast and audience’s faces. The audience of Year 5 and 6 delighted in shouting ‘Behind You’, ‘Monkeys’ and ‘Ahhhh’ at the clowns, although they were not prepared for the water guns!! It was lovely to have small supporting audiences of parents who smiled all the way through.

Who says drama is not uplifting in times of trouble? Both music and drama provide joy and comfort and a lot of fun – Arts Week and the Year 4 play last week have made the school a happy, safe, cheerful place.

Here are some more pictures from last week's wonderful dance workshops run by students from King’s College and Ms Kelly Druce. The children were delighted to learn circus dances to Afro Circus and The Greatest Showman.

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