Published on: Tuesday, September 26, 2023

King’s College pupil Beth W has been identified as one of the country’s leading students in engineering and technical design after receiving a prestigious Arkwright Engineering Scholarship.

Part of the educational charity, The Smallpeice Trust, The Arkwright Engineering Scholarships is a fully sponsored programme, that serves to encourage young people from all backgrounds to pursue their dreams and change the world as a future leader in engineering. This year, The Arkwright Engineering Scholarships Trust has so far awarded a total of 320 scholarships to date, to keen young engineers across the UK.

Of the 320 Arkwright Engineering Scholarships awarded so far, 37% were presented to female students and 54% to young people from state schools. Overall, 1391 hard-working students applied to the 2023 programme, with 622 reaching the final interview stage. The Smallpeice Trust is working hard to break down the barriers and misconceptions preventing young people, particularly girls and students from underrepresented groups, from engaging with engineering, by providing them with the confidence, skills, and real-world learning to thrive in STEM.

The scholarship comprises a competitive selection process from an online application, to the aptitude exam, culminating in a virtual interview. This comprehensive programme ensures to assess each students’ engineering knowledge, and key life skills including leadership and creative thinking.

All successful scholars are awarded a nationally recognised Scholarship certification to enhance their university and apprenticeship applications, alongside a £600 financial bonus to support their studies. Schools of successful scholars receive a £400 donation per awarded Scholar at their school, which they can utilise for STEM events and resources to benefit students.

Beth had to successfully complete a rigorous selection process, consisting of a detailed application form, a two-hour aptitude exam, and an in-depth interview hosted at a top engineering university. Her flair and originality in solving engineering design problems were put to the test during the selection process. The candidates were asked about their career aspirations and had to discuss an engineering project they had conducted. During the interview day the candidates took part in a team exercise to solve a hands-on engineering problem working with pupils they had never met before. Candidates and their parents also toured the engineering facilities at the host university and explored the diversity of engineering and related design careers and their importance to the UK economy.

Beth has been allocated the Royal Air Force as her sponsor, which is linked to her interest in aeronautical engineering. Beth had to complete a detailed application form, a two-hour aptitude exam, and an in-depth formal interview as part of the interview process. Beth is now the fifteenth pupil at King’s to have been awarded an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship since we first entered candidates in 2004.

Commenting, Head of Design Technology, Jason Grindle, said: “Beth is an exceptional pupil who, by being selected for this award, has proven her aptitude for understanding and applying engineering principles. She will also benefit from potential access to engineering and technical design mentoring, enrichment opportunities, industry-based experience days, technical lectures and access to the Arkwright Undergraduate Scholarships.”

Beth will be presented with her scholarship certificate at a ceremony held later this year at the Institution of Engineering and Technology in London.

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