Published on: Wednesday, March 15, 2023

The art and drama scholars inspired admiration, shock and awe amongst those who attended Saturday night’s murder mystery evening.

It all began with the art scholars’ stunning exhibition, then, thanks to the drama scholars, the situation intensified as the audience realised that one significant piece of art was about to be revealed in which several of the characters present had a vested interest. It turned out that there was a celebrity artist present whose work it was, but before we could discover too much more, he suddenly keeled over. What could it be? Poison? Heart attack?

This was the mystery at the heart of the evening, which then shifted to the Woodard Room where guests were treated to a delicious meal, punctuated by sudden plot developments and opportunities to question key suspects. As it became increasingly clear that a murder had taken place, the audience was encouraged to offer their own detective work. Many ingenious ideas were shared, but all were suitably astounded to discover the murderer was actually… Sorry, our lips are sealed.

There are a huge number of opportunities available to pupils outside the classroom, including a thriving artistic and cultural life. The corridors of the school are regular exhibition spaces for our pupils' artwork, and the end-of-year exhibitions feature work of the very highest standard. Our drama department puts on numerous productions throughout the year, from the experimental and innovative to the huge blockbusters on an epic scale.

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