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Book now for our SPORT AND OUTDOOR EDUCATION ENRICHMENT on 4 December 2021

Including orienteering, hockey and rugby!

Home from Home

It is the intention of myself and house staff to make Woodard a friendly, happy and exciting house in which to live and learn. My aim as a Housemaster is to bring out the best in the boys, whatever their interests. The staff in Woodard aim to create an atmosphere which is open, tolerant and trusting. We encourage the boys to develop their extra-curricular interests and promote culture, sport and academic achievement. Above all Woodard should be a safe and happy home away from home, allowing the boys to meet their potential in work and play.



Woodard Today

The Woodard team strive to make your child’s experience as good as it possibly can be. I am proud of how the tutor team gently encourage the boys to go beyond their potential, whether that is academically, sporting or in a life skill. I work with both the tutors and the teachers in our community to ensure progression is measured and appropriate to the needs of your son.

The boys are very welcoming of others into their home. Whether you live nearby or further afield, your son will have the best possible experience growing up within Woodard. There are social areas for everyone to relax, enjoy each other’s company and to catch up on the latest entertainment – although, my collection of board games is not always as welcome as I imagine! There are two kitchens where the boys’ culinary skills are put to the test as they struggle to make ‘toast’, sometimes a Pot Noodle and occasionally even an edible meal.

Woodard house strives to make your son’s teenage years an unforgettable time.




My name is David Snell. I have worked in Woodard House since 2010, when I joined as the Deputy, before becoming Housemaster in 2014.

Prior to teaching I was a project manager for a pharmaceutical company, whilst being a member of the Royal Marine Reserves, serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan, but I quickly realised being shot at is not much fun.

Since joining King’s every day it is an absolute pleasure to be at the school, and I consider it an honour and a gift to play a part in the Woodard boys’ formative years. Their energy, courtesy, goodwill towards each other and boundless humour keep me young, and I am constantly amazed at what a happy community the boys have created for each other.

My wife, Caro, is also a teacher; although I keep telling her biology is similar to colouring in. Within the school I also manage a rugby side, having little or no coaching ability and I teach chemistry, although the boys are nice enough not to hold that against me.


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