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Boarding and Day

King Alfred

House Booklet

House Ethos

As members of King Alfred house, the young gentlemen are expected to have a healthy mutual respect for all the individuals within the community, whether they are academic, athletic, artistic or musical.

Each member is encouraged to express his own individuality and personality whilst showing kindness and tolerance to others. The gentlemen are expected to get involved in a wide range of extra-curricular activities and house events in order to develop well-rounded social and life skills.

Ultimately, the experience should be fun and they are always involved in decisions concerning the house, so that there is a genuine life-long attachment to the King Alfred community.



King Alfred house is centrally located within the main building of King's College with whom it shares its name. With its impressive frontage and unique character, King Alfred aims to blend the best of the school's heritage with modern day touches and influences.

High ceilings, odd shaped corners and curious nooks and crannies make it an ideal boys' house with plenty of space to explore, and social areas to enjoy. Singularly unique dormitory style bedrooms define the Third and Fourth Form areas giving a direct link to the past, whilst a 60" plasma screen TV, Sky HD+, cinema surround sound, a Blu-Ray DVD player, Xbox, Playstation and pool table bring it firmly into the 21st century.

One of the original boarding houses with a 130-year pedigree, King Alfred house is named after the famous King who burnt the cakes. Occasionally the practice of burning toast at break time has been known to occur in respectful memory of that fateful day.


King Alfred Today

King Alfred is a now a healthy 67-strong community made up of Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Form pupils. 45 boys are boarders, the remainder being day boys who play a full and active part in the house, with a dedicated study area and bed, often staying to complete prep on an evening or take part in a house activity or rehearsal.

The members of King Alfred annually compete for the King Alfred Gentleman of the Year Award which is given to the member of the house who throughout the year best displays the qualities most encouraged within the boarding house including, a willingness to get stuck in, respect for all the members of the community, hard work, resilience, maturity, impeccable manners, and a caring and supportive personality.

Life is incredibly busy but hugely enjoyable, so please come and visit us.



Every year the house does something for charity. Recently the house cumulatively rode the distance from Taunton to Rio de Janeiro, continuously through the night. In doing so they managed to raise £5,700 for Cancer Research UK. The challenge is to think of exciting and effective charity ventures.



Steve King is the Houseparent of King Alfred. Before joining King’ Alfred, Steve worked as the Deputy in Woodard House for two years. Prior to this, he spent 17 years in the Royal Marines and five years in the commercial sector running a web development agency. 

As well as house responsibilities, Steve is also the CCF Contingent Commander and Head of Digital Marketing within the Admissions and Marketing Team.

A keen photographer and film maker, when he does find time to enjoy life away from school, he likes to indulge this passion. He is also partial to a spot of camping, reading and enjoying the outdoors.

Steve has two children Ethan and Scarlett and is joined by his wife Vicki, who creates and sells her own art, and supports Steve in his pastoral role.

Steve would like all the members of the house to feel able to come and see him about anything, from worries and concerns, to a simple cuppa and a catch up.

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