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Airport Transfers

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At King's College

Transfers to and from Heathrow Airport

King’s College provides a transfer service to and from Heathrow Airport at the start and end of every term and all half term breaks.

The journey time from Heathrow is around three hours and pupils are accompanied on the coach by a member of staff. If flight timings do not fit or demand is low at certain times, King’s College staff can help pupils arrange taxis and assist with rail transfers instead.

The cost of school transport to Heathrow Airport is £60 per pupil (or split between travellers) and is added to their end of term invoice. Taxi charges are dependent on day and time of travel, but to Heathrow usually cost £200 or £265 for evening/weekend travel.

  • If transport is required, parents/guardians are asked to complete the online travel request form. This is also available on the school portal. It is also sent to all parents/guardians of boarders at the start of each term and half term.
  • Changes to the schedule are rare and parents will be given as much notice as possible of any changes or amendments.
  • Seats are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Travel request forms must be received by the School 10 days prior to the scheduled departure date.
  • All coaches depart from either Carpenter Car Park (outward) or Heathrow Terminals (inward) confirmed depending on demand.
  • General information, meeting points, the coach times, travel between terminals at Heathrow airport and condition of carriage can be found below.

Any queries relating to travel can be emailed to: travel@kings-taunton.co.uk.

Boarders Travel Form

Please click the buttons below to view all information regarding transfers to and from Heathrow Airport.

The documents include the coach schedule, a map with details for the terminal meeting points and our terms and conditions.


Bristol and Exeter Airports

King’s College also provides school minibus transfers to and from Bristol and Exeter airports at the start and end of every term and all half term breaks, if there is sufficient demand otherwise taxi's will be booked. Any enquiries should also be addressed to travel@kings-taunton.co.uk. The cost of school transport is £15 per pupil (or split between travellers) and is added to their end of term invoice.


Taxi Transfers

For taxi transfers the school uses a reputable taxi firm called A1 Taxis. Transfers can be arranged through the school by contacting travel@kings-taunton.co.uk, or by pupils collecting a form from the Administration & Examinations office.

If a taxi has been booked, pupils should ring the taxi company on 01823 332211 when they are leaving the airport and the taxi driver will drive round to meet them in front of the airport. If the pupil cannot find the driver they should ring the same A1 number and contact their Houseparent to let them know. Please be aware that any taxi transfers arranged through school will still be charged to the school bill in the event of the pupil no longer taking the transfer, unless sufficient notice of cancellation is given.

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