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Spirituality and Chaplaincy

Limited Places Available for September 2024 Entry

If you're still to make a decision about where to start your child’s schooling, have you considered King’s College Pre-Prep? We have some limited availability for admissions this September.

Our Chaplain

Father Mark Smith is our Chaplain and he is a full-time member of staff who lives with his family on the school campus. The Chaplaincy is regarded as a vital touchstone for everything that happens at King's, and as a Woodard School, the role of the Chaplain is an incarnational one - reminding the school community of the loving presence of God permeating all we do.

"My name is Father Mark and it is my privilege to be chaplain to the King's community. I live on the College campus with my wife Sharon and our sons. As a Christian school in the Anglican tradition and as part of the Woodard family of schools, we believe that the spiritual component of education with the Eucharist at the centre, is vital in the development of the whole person."



Our community is diverse, consisting of individuals of faith as well as those of no faith. We encourage the school community to freely explore their understanding of themselves in the world through a rich programme of academic, cultural, sport and social endeavour.

All faiths are embraced at King’s and we ensure that pupils receive the support and freedom to practice their religious choices appropriately.

In a world where religion and its practices have often been discredited or misunderstood, we believe in the importance of religious literacy and offer our pupils opportunities to study and explore great faith traditions of the world in a formal academic way.

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