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You might be thinking the major episode of this week was obviously the more-than-anticipated amount of snow.  Well you’re wrong – a much bigger deal has been the disappearance of Mrs Cole’s precious perfectly perfumed palatable prized pink porcine pleasures. There have been various threads and activities in a terrific STEM week but the search for who stole Mrs Cole’s Percy Pigs has been at the forefront, all brilliantly introduced and hooked in via a wonderful film setting the scene in Monday’s assembly.  A fabulous week has ensued and there is a link to the film in the newsletter.

The snow came and then it went. In many ways this was the perfect amount/time of snow as there was something for everyone: a mix of natural beauty to enjoy, the thrill of massive flakes falling from the sky, a chance to make snowmen, lie in the snow and throw snow at each other, an excuse to wrap up with a hot chocolate and a book – but it only caused short term, minimal disruption so not too many adjustments to make. Will there be the odd smattering to follow up this weekend?

It did wipe out an afternoon of matches but fortunately it came at time that didn’t stop parents coming in for visits to classes in Pre-Prep, to the Year 4 parents’ evening, to the Friends of King’s Hall coffee morning or for the Year 8 Transition meeting.  There will be more parents in next week for the Year 5 parents’ evening, the Year 6 play performances (not limited to only Year 6 parents btw) plus we have our Open Day next Friday, and then in two weeks we have House Music.

Open Days are always such positive occasions and so if you have any friends wanting an insight for their children then do encourage them to sign up, come and join what is already a large number of people visiting.

Contrary to all these welcomes to the school site, it’s time to clear the school out for 48 hours and so I do hope you have a good, restful Long Weekend ahead.

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