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We have had a lot of visits this week and I have met a lot of new people – and what a treat it always is.  Greater insights, broader mindedness and an affirmation of purpose here are amongst the benefits.

The visits are the combined result of interviewing potential joiners to the staff team and meeting a lot of prospective parents (plus children obvs!).  There are plenty of the latter booked into my diary for the weeks ahead which is, of course, always a positive position.  In fact, there will be more children here in September than there were when we started last September. For example, the Nursery has very few sessions available even at this stage in the year and it’s looking as if Year 7 will need an extra class in it.

As well as a large number of new children, it is likely we will have up to 10 new faces on the staffing side, most of which you already know and I’ll share a few updates once all is clear. 

There is still a good deal of this year to complete but, rather like Janus at the changing of a calendar year, I have found myself doing a little bit of looking in both directions along a timeline recently.  Whilst we’re proud of the past and the present is to be lived to the full, the view ahead is an exciting one, too...

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