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Happy Easter to you all as we start with a shortened week to get things under way - hence there may be not quite as stacked an edition of the Newsletter to follow.

It was very good to be able to have our Whole School photo this morning (yet another sign we are operating as normally as possible) and there is a palpable sense of belonging to something bigger than just ourselves on such occasions.  One gorgeous little two year old girl, for whom today was her first day with us in the Nursery, slept through the whole event in Miss Darlow’s arms blissfully unaware of the commotion around her!

Whilst we use the grounds extensively throughout the year, the estate comes fully into its own from roughly April to October. It has been just perfect to see the fields littered with children gainfully playing or involved in a lesson or an activity of some sort.  From the very first evening when the boarders returned it was patently clear that this was the summer term.

Arts Week, trips, exams for some, outings, celebrations, outdoor productions, jubilees and of course plenty of work plus loads of summer games and fixtures are all to come – so let’s dive in!

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