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The mid-point of the second half of term has arrived and we vacate the premises this weekend as the Rural Living Show moves in.  The biblical amounts of rain recently have certainly fed into our British need to discuss the weather and it does feel, sadly, as if this is going to be one of the less good years for the front field. Experience suggests it usually recovers over the winter and we don’t use it much in the months ahead.

I have been back and forth to the College recently and, as ever, it is good to come across children who were at the Prep between 5 years and 5 months ago. The other thing growing at the College is the 6th Form centre which is entering its final stages and will be in use some time next term.  This will not only be an incredible addition to the 6th Form experience directly but have a huge indirect benefit across the school as other areas are repurposed as appropriate departments move into the new build.

This little break in proceedings includes the First Sunday in Advent so the Christmas clock is well and truly ticking.  We shall be sending you information to help with events ahead, including our Carol Service, which all Prep children are expected to attend, on Sunday 11 December at 5.30pm in the College Chapel.

Have a good weekend.

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