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Today certainly ends with a bang (and a whoosh, and a sparkle, and a pop, and a whizz and possibly with a glug glug of some mulled wine) and it is also true to say that this second half of term has started in rocket powered fashion.  

Two parents’ evenings, matches on Wednesday including the U11 boys undefeated at their tournament, our respectful and moving Remembrance Service (look for the link in the Newsletter to hear the choir) and then our Fireworks this evening – life as usual!  8S are preparing for some important mock exams next week, play rehearsals and artists decorating the set, Drama Festival finishing touches being added, orchestra rehearsals filling the air with melodies, yesterday after lunch I met Year 1 up in the woods in their Forest School mode and then later on, after darkness had fallen, I came across the Pioneers hobby up there having a great time with their torches.  

So we’re back together after a valuable two-week rest which came at a point we were just beginning to feel the impact of seven weeks well run as well as some covid cases emerging (we still may have some more of that to come). Two weeks is quite a long time and I have heard many parents comment this week how excited their children were to come back as they had been missing school and their friends.  One little girl in Pre-Prep was proudly showing me the double gap in her bottom teeth that has appeared over the two weeks and I made a comment about how it was two teeth not just one.  She nonchalantly replied that two wasn’t very many really because her Grumpy Gramps can take all his out – but he gets into trouble with Granny when he does it in front of everyone.  

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