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No denying it now - we are well into Advent and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Trees about the place, lights up outside, decorations emerging in various places plus nativities and carols in rehearsal. You can't stop the passage of time. It's been a foggy week where we have hardly seen the bottom of the front field but it hasn't dampened the level of activity.

There is activity tonight with the Friends of King's Hall Barn Dance.  This year it is in the Arts Centre and I'm sorry I am unable to join the fun.  Those who have signed up will have a great time, I'm sure, and huge thanks to all involved in making it possible and in particular to Mrs Luard and Mrs Joslin.

Mr Sloan, Headmaster of the College, was here on Monday and he brought with him three former pupils who are now in their final year of schooling. They shared very clear and warm memories of what their time here had meant to them and the teachers who had piqued a particular interest or two.

Mr Sloan talked about our 'One School, Two Sites' model and reflected how much he had enjoyed becoming part of a school community of tangible humanity. He went to draw from the children what values are important to us in school. He had four quick answers from children in Years 3, 4 and 5 they were: Kindness; Working Hard; Honesty; Participation. He stopped seeking any further responses as that had already nailed it - straight off the bat. Come and get involved, give it your best and be kind to everyone.

Here's to another fun fortnight of following that mantra.

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