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We can at times be accused as a nation of an undue propensity to talk about the weather but, really, there is quite some maelstrom out and about at the moment – and after another deluge this weekend, some forecast possible snow smatterings next week?

There is no doubt gloomy weather can have an external impact but we have spoken internally, both amongst children and adults, about how we can control the mood within our school and the difference that one can make amongst many. We can’t control the weather, but you can make a difference to yourself, you can make a difference to your friends, you can make a difference to your class/team/group, you can make a difference to your year, you can make a difference to the School and who knows where else it might lead?

Fr Mark was talking about Epiphany yesterday in our first Chapel of term.  He described an Epiphany as an 'Aha!’ moment. Once I had quietened the opening bars of ‘Take On Me’ in my head I was making the link to my messages to the children.  During this term, there is plenty of encouragement and opportunity for children to make a difference to themselves, to encounter ‘Aha!’ moments: whether it be marginal gains in learning, mastering a skill, giving a performance, understanding a subtle social dynamic to be a more adept friend, crafting a piece of creative art, being stronger for a challenging experience or contributing to House Music on the final morning.

We need to both seek challenge as well as be ready and willing to pounce on opportunity when it casually passes right in front of our eyes. I must check where the sledges are.

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