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Aloha. You probably know this is used for Hello and Goodbye and today is a day of hello and goodbye for many children.  Hello to Year 8 after a brilliant week near and around the moors of South West of England and goodbye to Year 7 as they head to the Alps in the Mid East of France.

The weather is pretty similar in both venues being hot and then variable. It is so good to be running our French trip again for the first time in three years.  Well done to staff and parents who have had to respond to admin demands which have come in many layers this time:  Covid repercussions and European alterations have certainly made the process more complex.

Using ‘Aloha’ as a reason to dwell within the Polynesian islands (wouldn’t that be nice for the weekend!), there is a ripple of anticipation in Year 7 as their play for next term was announced.  Disney release a few of their shows with permission to be performed in a Junior version and Moana Jr will hit the stage here next term.  I’m delighted and will certainly be toe-tapping as the tunes ring around the school.

This afternoon’s show also involved a boat – one a little larger than Maui’s – and thank you to Year 4 who gave us such a fun presentation of the story of Noah’s Ark making sure to incorporate the two themes of Arts Week appropriately.  Animals and puppets have been very much part of the week from the very first day when a terrific puppet show by The Bluebirds Theatre Company kicked us off.  There is more on Arts Week in the Newsletter to feast upon and congratulations are due to the organisers for drawing together such a wonderful programme for the children.

Good wishes for a brief weekend break for everyone before the final fortnight of the school year. 

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