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Almost inevitably this week’s scrawl will have some influence from life with covid.

One consequence to see would stand inclusion in one of David Attenborough’s natural history programmes.  At break times, if you lurk furtively (if they see you they won’t perform in the same way) near the inner quad, or by the West Wing arch you can observe the four-times daily behaviour of the King’s Hall supportive friend.  This animal can be seen gathering in groups and collectively they crane their necks up towards the windows of the rooms where those boarders with covid not able to be off site are isolating.  There follows an unintelligible exchange of noises and gesticulations that are meaningless to any human over the age of 20 but it seems to make them all happy.

Very tentatively, it feels as if we may be at or just over the worst as a school (with boarding and staff still taking a bit of a hit) so fingers crossed that a calm, quiet weekend will aid the pace of recovery for us all.  I hope you enjoy some rest at home.

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