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A little pause at the mid-point of the second half of term sees the Rural Living Show return to our site this weekend for the first time in two years.  Whilst it isn’t a Christmas show at its core, it obviously has a leaning in some areas and certainly is a marker of one step closer to the festive season.  The Christmas lights were turned on in Taunton last Sunday, I spotted Nursery bringing Nativity costumes out of storage on Wednesday, Advent materialises next week and I heard my first full-on Christmas song yesterday playing as background for the ballet sessions happening in the Woodard Room.  It won’t be too long before we are all wearing Christmas jumpers – or a Christmas addition to our uniform – in the final week.

Today has been wall to wall meetings for me, either with our Governors or as a Governor of another school.  The one just ended had the final 15 minutes accompanied by the delivery of a new piano in the Woodard Room – the delivery team had another drop to head off to and so they silently wheeled in and setup a terrific looking piano that will duly be tuned and made ready for action following the weekend. No doubt Mr DJ will put it to good use.

Before the Long Weekend break kicks in, I have one more meeting on Teams around tea time and then will be heading to join the Friends of King’s Hall Barn Dance – no doubt I will see some of you there for some fancy footwork.

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