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The Essence of King's College, Taunton

Join pupils Andrew and Emmanuella on a tour around King’s College, Taunton. Follow them on a journey to uncover some of our best-kept secrets as they meet staff and fellow pupils across all corners of the school – a wonderful green space right in the heart of town. 

Our Prep and Senior schools are located on two separate sites, each with their own highly dedicated teachers but with shared facilities. But at its essence, King’s is all about community. The grounds serve as a stunning backdrop but the real beauty lies in our holistic ethos and shared values.

King's College Headmaster, Michael Sloan, explains: “All of this is what makes King's so special. Outstanding facilities, endless opportunities, and a focus on developing intellectual curiosity, and embedding a life-long love of learning.”

Space for Adventure

Pupils are offered an extensive range of activities as part of our co-curricular offering. As well as outdoor adventure and CCF, we have societies and clubs, music ensembles, dance, and drama clubs, art and DT sessions and all manner of activities in between.

Space for Childhood

King’s Hall School is a wonderful place for childhood. Its fantastic 50 acres gives every child the room they need to grow and explore at their own, individual pace.

Space for Creativity

We have vast expanses of space and facilities for creative activities, including our Silvermead Art Studio, and our extensive Design and Technology centre.

King's College Sports

Leiths School of Food and Wine

Great Gatsby Trailer

Music Technology

Maddie Hinch Coaching

Reception Class

Five-year-olds on Plastic Pollution

SPCC Opening by Jos Buttler

Kenya Trip

CCF Helicopter Flight

Silvermead Art Studio

Girls Football Camp

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