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Inspiring STEM at King’s Hall

Young scientists, mathematicians and engineers at King’s Hall School benefit from passionate teachers and state-of-the-art facilities. They are taught in practical settings that provide a stimulating environment, and usually result in everyone getting their hands dirty.

Children have access to two well-stocked and modern laboratories that, with the help of our science technicains, enable pupils from Pre-Prep to Year 8 to develop an understanding that science isn’t confined to the classroom; it is all around and plays an essential role in all our lives.

Head of Science, Mrs Cole said: “I’m very proud of our facilties and the way they help our pupils blossom into young science experts. When I took over as Head of Science, I made it a priority that even our youngest children were able to access science, so now groups from Reception and Nursery visit the science building to play and learn about school tortoises Turbo and Everst.”

Additional Skills
In year 3, children can earn their busen burner license which enables them to pariticpate in practial classes and develop their skills. Last term, three young scientists created the first edition of the Newt Science Magazine and found it a brilliant way to engage with their peers and boost their own confidence.

Mrs Cole is also passionate about getting girls into STEM. She commented: “There are unlimited options when it comes to careers in STEM, so it’s important children know that no matter who they are, they can do anything they set their mind to. There’s also a high probability that our pupils will have careers that do not even exist yet, so it’s our job to prepare them for the future.”

Mrs Cole and the team regularly run STEM enrichment days for local children and is introducing a series of science assemblies with a panel of experts ready to answer questions, The first on the rota is a female general surgeon and a parent who makes pacemakers.

Expert Teachers
The STEM team are all passionate specialists who like to get involved and enjoy working towards a common goal. Headmaster, Mr Chippindale reflects: “I’m extremly supportive of the STEM programme, and appreciate the tight-knit and passionate team that works seamlessly together.”

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