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Prep (Ages 7-13)


10th June 2022

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At King's College and King's Hall School


by Justin Chippendale

Plenty of activity already with which to kick off this last session of the year, with even more to come as Arts Week or Okehampton are lying just around the next corner.

I have enjoyed being dragged from pillar to post on various matters as it means you become immersed in the whole range that encompasses life in a thriving Prep school: from Nursery children spilling their pudding all over their shirts to Year 8 flexing their cerebrums and Governors’ meetings in the Woodard Room to discussions about our overseas schools to confirmation of summer works on the estate via several stops in between, there is not much left uncovered.  I’ve also squeezed in a dentist appointment.

Talk in Governors’ meetings is generally forward looking and so inevitably I’ve been thinking about life beyond the end of term.

The summer works’ list will have many items of maintenance and improvement on it, of course, but you will interested to hear it also includes an uplift to both some of the boarding areas as well as the Year 1 and 2 classrooms. These will make a big difference to the children’s experience

Also new in September will be a few staff and we have recently had Alistair Wilkinson (Dep Head Academic) and Theo Frost (Science) visit us. The number of pupil joiners continues to increase and we have seen lots of children come for induction or taster days and all full of smiles.

Anyhow, that’s all to come - do click the link below to have a look at some of what has happened in the last week.

This Week in Pre-Prep...

This Week in Pre-Prep...

by Claire Luckhurst

To say this second half of summer term is set to be busy is perhaps the understatement of the year!  There is so much to fit in to ensure the academic year concludes with a flourish that staff may sometimes appear a little dazzled and frazzled but every minute counts as we navigate our way to the end of term.  The good news is we all thrive on the buzz of excitement and fun that is found in the coming weeks and seeing the children rise to every expectation we ask of them makes it all worth the extra time and effort required.  As Prince Charles commented that the nation is the reason the Queen gets up in the morning so your children are the reason we have a spring in our step and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Please click here to read the rest of this week's Pelican News

Next week....

Please see the School calendar and SOCs for more details and timings

Please note that next weekend is a long weekend so there will be no after school activities or provision on Friday 17th June - pick up is 4:30pm please - thank you

Day Prep

Day Prep bookings

Day Prep bookings

Week commencing 13th June

If you require day prep provision for next week please book using the link below. 

The form closes to responses on Monday 13th June at 9:15am. If you wish to make a late booking or make any changes after this time please email Mrs Kemmish or phone 01823 285920.

Please can we ask that if your child uses School transport that you ensure all requirements/amendments are confirmed with Tracy according to your child's after school commitments.

Day Prep Booking Form

A Few Words from...Quincy Ching

This term's Head Girl

Hello, I hope everyone has had an amazing half term celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee! Although from reading the newsletter before half term the forecast wasn’t what our Deputy Head Boy Harry was expecting, I’m sure we all had a great time. During the half term, I have been doing lots of revision and I’m sure our fellow Year 8 pupils have been as well. 8CE pupils have been preparing for their common entrance exams since Year 7 and I’m sure they would do brilliant. This Monday, our Year 7s went on a trip to Paignton Zoo and very much enjoyed a day off school after their exams. After the Year 8 exams, they will be going on a trip to Okehampton while the Year 4s will perform their play Noah’s Ark. Have fun everyone!

A Few Words from...Quincy Ching

Boarding Blog - by Anna Hardy

Welcomes and wonderful Wednesday

Welcomes and wonderful Wednesday

I hope you all had a restful half term. This week we have enjoyed welcoming some new faces into the boarding house for the second half of this term. After a very busy Monday I headed off to London for the BSA Boarding Conference and it was an interesting two days, providing me with lots of ideas going forwards. When I returned on Wednesday evening, I drove into the car park it was brilliant to see the children making the most of the lovely weather and all playing so nicely together on the Adventure Playground. I received a lovely welcome and some of the junior girls even helped me with my bags. We had a record number of 51 children boarding that evening and the buzz around the boarding house was energizing, helped by the fact it was Tamzin’s birthday as well. Wandering around the boarding areas in the evening is so fulfilling and fun. To see and hear the range of things that the children are doing or talking about, I could write a very funny book about the things they share with me. There is such a strong sense of belonging and community – working in a boarding house might not be for everyone, but for those of us that do, the children make this job so rewarding.  

A View from the Rose Garden

Mrs Foster

Mrs Foster


As you will see, one of our pupils received a letter from the Queen! Clemmie sent a birthday card to the Queen and she replied with a picture and an official letter. 

Also, you can get a sneak peek at our Year 4 play! Rehearsals are in full swing for the performances next week! Very excited children in the Rose Garden!

Snoops' Diary

by Snoops the Dog

by Snoops the Dog

Dear Friends,

I don’t know about you, but I’m still reeling from all the wonderful Platinum Jubilee celebrations. I can’t quite believe that our queen is a spectacular 96 years old and has been a reigning monarch for 70 years. In dog years that’s 490 years!

I mentioned on the Friday before half term that I would be taking a particular interest in The Queen’s Corgis. As you can imagine, I was delighted to see that as well as Corgis, Paddington Bear joined Her Majesty for afternoon tea. What a marvellous treat for The Queen; Paddington is quite a character. She very graciously ignored his rather clumsy table manners and revealed that she too keeps a marmalade sandwich in her handbag. Well, who would have guessed that little secret?

I very proudly wore my Union Jack bandana for an entire week and attended a number of celebrations (starting with the King’s Hall picnic and ice-cream). During our afternoon of fun and games on the field I took myself off for a little quiet time by the school pond and guess what I saw hiding there amongst the reeds? A duck!

I didn’t realise that we have resident ducks at King's Hall. Just like the ones in the Lake District, this little fella started teasing me and I almost got tempted into the swampy water so give him a bit of what for (in my own fluffy way). Some sensible children, however, called me to come back, just in the nick of time, which was a good job because I got very muddy paws from just a little paddle. I don’t think anyone would have enjoyed a wet dog joining their picnic!

I would now like to conclude this diary entry with a toast to our wonderful queen,

God save The Queen.

And here’s me sending a big “WOOF” to her Corgis and a gentle bear growl to Paddington.

Much Love

Snoops X

Academic Life



All year groups have had a very productive time in science lessons this term. It has been lovely to get outside in our fabulous grounds for woodland habitat studies and to venture further afield on some trips.  

Year 3

Year 3 have had lots of fun learning about the Monarch butterfly and have decorated the science foyer with a beautiful display to represent their migratory phenomenon. Mr Hands has also been talking to the children about sustainability and as part of our initiative to be more sustainable, they have planted some vegetables for Mr Stannett to use in his cookery lessons. We have more plans for the future! 

Year 4

Year 4 have just walked past me on their way to estimate the height of some trees in the school grounds as part of their woodland studies. We are so lucky to be able to take our learning outside so often. 

Year 5

Visited King’s College for some pond-dipping as part of their study of habitats and followed this with a useful comparison in Plymouth where they were able to go rock-pooling and visit the Aquarium. The pupils were amazed to learn how tricky life can be in a rockpool and were very interested to learn about the adaptations of the organisms that live in them. 

Year 6

Have been learning about the classification of living organisms. I have had a huge amount of fun turning the science foyer into a jungle habitat! The foyer is now home to a variety of animals and plants and the pupils have been busy labelling them with their kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species, even learning some Latin along the way! Turbo and Everest (the school tortoises) have joined in several lessons and were very useful when it came to identifying reptiles. We also ventured outside for some minibeast hunting and classification. However, to our surprise some of the beasts we found were not that mini - we found a rather large toad in a hole under a log! The pupils had so much fun identifying and classifying a variety of arthropods and we were able to look at some more closely using the digital microscope. 

Year 7

Enjoyed their trip to Paignton Zoo in preparation for their Ecology topic. We were lucky enough to have a talk about giraffes from one of the zookeepers. The pupils were very interested to learn about the many adaptations of this beautiful animal – ossicones (horns) for fighting, their super-long tongue, which is able to grasp (we were told the name for this is prehensile). The tongue is black to stop it getting sunburnt! We were also told how their markings are passed down from mother to baby giraffes and that they may help to keep them camouflaged and safe from predators. 

Year 8

8S all took part in the CREST award scheme and passed with flying colours. This involved them being set a real science problem to investigate and producing a written document detailing their practical work and findings. Example projects included:

  • What makes the best bath-bomb?
  • Why do we use shampoo?
  • How can dehydration be treated?
  • How to detect fraudulent coins
  • What makes a rollercoaster faster?
  • Which is the crispiest crisps? 

8CE have been busy preparing for their CE exams. There is a lot to cover in the three science disciplines and there has been much discussion about their favourite – biology seems to have come out top! We will be very sad to say goodbye to Mr Palmer at the end of this term, but we all hope he will come back to visit us next year and amaze us with some more Harry Potter style chemistry at Pyrland Day. 

The 2022 edition of The Newt Scientist is soon to be published. We hope that you all enjoy it and a big thank you to the editorial team Tobias B, Adam L and Barnaby M for their enthusiasm; we will miss them very much! 

Mr Sprague's Tutor Group

Mr Sprague's Tutor Group

Year 6

As we head toward the end of term, everyone in the tutor group seems to have an inexhaustible supply of energy!  This is just as well as some have swimming galas to go to, cricket cup matches to complete and everyone still has school matches ahead of them.  Oh, and we’re heading into Arts Week and we have had three great additions to the group from France and Spain for the rest of term. 

In contrast, outside the classroom we have a serene spray of poppies and wild flowers to bring a little calm and reflection. 

Sport Update



Well done to the U11 cricketers on Tuesday. After their history trip they came back and played a brilliant Semi final cup match against Taunton Prep. The match was played in great spirit with some excellent talent on show.

King's Hall Sport Twitter SOCS - Fixtures
Swimming Gala

Swimming Gala

Exeter School

Well done to the 16 girls and boys who headed down to Exeter School for a Gala on Tuesday evening. Especially the Year 6’s who went straight from their trip to the minibus!

All swam extremely well against very accomplished swimmers and we had some good results in several races. Great effort and team work by all.

Other News...

Osman's Exmoor Perambulation

Osman's Exmoor Perambulation

Children's Hospice South West

Joseph and Thomas Osman are walking 30 miles, taking part in the Exmoor Perambulation on Saturday 18th June, raising money for the Childrens Hospice South West.  The Perambulation is Exmoor National Parks iconic traditional self-navigated circular long distance walking event dating back over 725 years, back to the time of Edward I.  This years 30-mile walk is around the original boundary of the Royal Forest of Exmoor.  

If anyone would like to sponsor them to complete this challenge and help them meet their target of raising £500 for the Childrens Hospice South West, please visit their just giving page on the link below.

Thank you for your support.

Just Giving

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We would ask, though, that, where possible, the parents of all new joiners make an appointment to visit the School Shop to purchase uniform.

Online ordering: 
Please bear in mind that as all online orders are fulfilled at the school, they will only be processed when the shop is open.

Collection (FREE):
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Payment is due at the time of purchase by card.  We can no longer accept cash or cheque as payment methods.

Please note face masks should be worn when visiting the shop.

If you have questions about purchasing school uniform, please email schoolshop@kingshalltaunton.co.uk

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