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Welcome Back

Fantastic performance from our OA @MaddieHinch today! We couldn't be more proud. #Tokyo2020 #TeamGB #KCTsport - 16 hours ago

We are delighted that most of our pupils will be coming back to school on Monday 8 March. After a long and frustrating wait, and after months of eerie quiet, it will be wonderful to have the school filled with people and noise and laughter once again.

We have, this term, provided an outstanding online learning experience for all of our pupils. Both they and our teachers are now seasoned veterans of this particular way of teaching and learning. Two over-arching lessons have been learnt, I think: Firstly: We can do this. We can deliver a high-quality academic education online if we have to. Secondly: But it isn’t the same as being together in a classroom. One result of our experiences over the past year is that we have confirmed (if confirmation were ever needed) that teachers and classrooms are indispensable. A full, rich education needs human contact.

However, not all of our community will be back with us on Monday. Sadly, a number of overseas pupils, because of quarantine and travel difficulties, will still be at home, and connecting with their lessons remotely. They remain a valued and important part of the King’s family and we will continue to support them with the very best online teaching that we can manage.

The reopening of the school has not come without certain challenges. The Covid measures will be stricter than ever before and we have had to put a large and complex testing provision in place. But, despite these challenges, the overwhelming sense is one of excitement and anticipation. Our school will be alive and kicking once more.

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