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Taylor Take the Top Spot in this Year's House Debating Final

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Last year’s winners found themselves once again in the final of the House Debating Competition.

Bishop Fox proposed ‘that capital punishment should be reinstated’, a rather contentious stance and one very much against their own belief system. Taylor House, opposing the motion, presented a more palatable approach to the justice.

Both houses were obliged to consider the moral implications of reintroducing the death penalty in the UK, what this would mean for our society as a whole and the costs implicated, both literal and metaphorical, by this proposal.

Louis B, using the Japanese legal system as evidence, presented a number of thought-provoking arguments in favour of the motion. It was inferred that the rate of crime may well drop to 0.1 in every 100,000 people if the death penalty were to be introduced. On hearing this, the audience clearly understood that the very threat of execution could help to deter criminals from their acts.

Similarly, Lottie K's equally strong stance highlighted the irreversibility of execution, the rates of those wrongly imprisoned and the importance that rehabilitation has to play within this context.

The second speakers from both houses also spoke confidently, as did the pupils who contributed to the floor debate. However as there can only be one winner, Taylor House claimed this year’s title.

Commenting on this year's final, English teacher and coordinator of the event, Miss Parker, said: "The quality of this year’s inter-house debating competition has been excellent. I’m so proud of each and every one of the speakers that represented their house. They did a fabulous job – most especially Louis B and Lottie K. Congratulations, to Taylor house on their first victory in recent years."

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