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Spellers Put Through Their Paces in Inter-House Spelling Bee

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Tensions were high last week as our seven boarding houses went head-to-head in the King’s College Inter-House Spelling Bee.

The annual event, which has been running since 2012, takes the form of a knockout competition, with the final speller winning the contest for their house. Open to all of the Third and Fourth Form, the Spelling Bee makes a great spectator sport, with staff and pupils from across the school attending.

This year saw our Third Form compete for the first time, but the idea of tough competition did not frighten them, with many enthusiastic competitors taking to the stage.

Eddie Steedman found it hard to pronounce words with a straight face, which if anything provided some humour to the tough competition.

During the first round, the words distribute, sportsmanship, petticoat and convenient got the better of several people. However, as the contest progressed, Hattie Lindsay-Coombs impressed the crowd with a confident spelling of immediate, while Matthew Osborne spelled parachute and exhibit with clarity, before eventually falling victim to questionnaire.

At the end of the final Third Form round, two competitors, Hannah Johnston and Malaika Njema, remained. However, Hannah stumbled at the final hurdle with the spelling of despicable, resulting in Malaika taking home the glory with the word superiority.

Meynell House were therefore crowned winners of the first ever Third Form Spelling Bee.

In the Fourth Form competition, the pupils were especially keen to show off their spelling skills. However, as with the Third Form, many fell short in the opening round with the spelling of words such as appropriate, census and raspberry (the silent ‘p’ is always tricky!)

EAL students also gave an impressive performance. Oscar Rodriguez spelt expanse with confidence, while Julius Rottger mastered the word tedium.

Jenna Kirby, Eleanor Clark and Jago Schmidt were also some of the last people standing, but unfortunately fell short of the final round with the words courteous, arthritis and extraordinarily.

Two Taylor House girls remained in the final round. Last year’s winner Reshma Rao put up a great fight, before succumbing to the word eligible. It was therefore Freya Jenkinson who was crowned Queen (Spelling) Bee, winning the title for Taylor for the second year running.

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