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Prep, Camera, Action: Families Get Creative with Video

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Third Form pupils made the most of the recent half term by practising their language skills in the best way they knew how – on camera!

As part of their holiday prep, Mrs Duckham assigned pupils the task of creating a short film about their favourite sport. Everyone had great fun with many of the pupils involving their families.

Ben Davies’ father, Mr Gregory said: “We thought that to ask the children to prepare and film a video in French over half term was a clever method that would allow them to work on their language skills while having plenty of fun in the process.”

“I think that when technology is used in the right way it can be a real incentive when planning and carrying out prep. In our case, it was certainly entertaining!”

Mr Rew, father of James Rew, added: “I was delighted when James was set prep to make a French commentary video of a sports match or game. It gave James and me an opportunity for a ‘head to head’ golf match, where I could prove that the craftiness learnt over 40 years could beat the exuberance of youth.”

“With a little help from a French dictionary, we were able to translate some golfing terms, including ‘slice,’ ‘hook’ and ‘triple bogey.’ We ended up putting a French commentary over some edited actions clips and submitted the final piece to Mrs Duckham.”

Luli Loveridge, who made a Spanish film about badminton with her father Steven, said: “It was really great fun and it was nice to be able to do the prep with my dad!”

Hannah Johnson also added: “The videos were fun to make because we got to spend time with our friends. It was a good way to practise our language skills, but the best part was watching each other’s videos in class. They were hilarious!”

The exercise was certainly an excellent way for the pupils to write a script in French or Spanish, while practising their language and editing skills. Mrs Duckham and the MFL department look forward to setting more creative projects in the future.

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