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Fifth Form pupil Nyah T is sharing her passion for films in a fortnightly movie blog. Her first instalment is a review of one of her favourite, the remake of  Little Women, starring Emma Watson and Meryl Streep, among others. Nyah's blog is available on our English SharePoint page.

Little Women (2019) Film Review:

Whenever I get asked the dreaded question, what is your favourite film? I always struggle to answer. There are so many amazing films, how could I pick just one? But I find myself, time and time again, choosing this film over all others. Based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott in 1868, this film isn’t the first time the novel has been brought to life on screen. This novel has brought about four different movies in 1933, 1949, 1994 and finally this one in 2019. I think the fact that this movie has been remade so many times clearly represents what a fascinating plotline it has and its obvious popularity. However, the 2019 version stands out as one of the best translations from page to screen and it’s easy to see why. Greta Gerwig (the director) brought this film to life, with her incredible attention to detail and warm presentation.

Secondly, the outstanding performance from an impressive line-up of actors helped make the heart warming, emotional film it is today. One of these actors is Saoirse Ronan, who previously worked with Greta on the film ‘Lady Bird’ earning them both significant praise (Greta managed to get two Oscar nominations from this movie.) Saoirse plays Jo March, the main female protagonist in this film; however unlike the rest of the cast, Saoirse didn’t audition, instead, she cast herself as Jo. Greta was fine with this, as it was in her interest to keep the duo together after their previous success. Nevertheless, this was a confident, risky move from Saoirse but it truly implies her passion and determination to be a part of this fantastic movie. Another actor that has a very good relationship with both Greta and Saoirse is Timothée Chalamet, who plays the lead male protagonist, Laurie. He also found his fame through Lady Bird, so wanted to continue his acting journey with this duo. Even though this film is mostly female dominated, Timothée gave an incredible performance in this film and boosted his career massively. This movie played a huge part in shaping him into the world renowned and academy award nominee he is today.

This film, made 151 years after the original novel was published, still manages to have deep connections with the author, Louisa May Allcott, and even a schoolhouse scene was shot in the school where her father taught. This is a fantastic example of Greta’s thoughtfulness and attention to detail when making this movie. Personally, I believe they couldn’t have chosen a better woman for the job, with Emma Watson herself saying Greta’s directing style was ‘such a relief’ as she wasn’t accustomed to directors being as tuned in and caring as Greta was with her actors.

This film follows the lives of four sisters as they change from childhood to womanhood and experience the challenges that can come as a consequence (a classic coming-of-age movie.) On top of this, the sisters’ father was serving in the American civil war, so they had to adapt to life without him around. The message behind this movie is to show us all the significance of having a dream, but the importance to not let it consume us and our lives. This can be seen between the four sisters all with very different, constating personalities and outcomes in their lives. Jo has a strong drive to achieve her dream and she works hard every day to achieve it. Meg also had a dream; however, she didn’t achieve hers. The important lesson to learn from Meg is that, although she didn’t get what she wanted, she was content and happy and found new dreams throughout her life. The same can’t be said for Amy who famously said, ‘I want to be great or nothing.’ She would never be satisfied with not being the best, that she was prepared to completely give up what she loved. Finally, the talented Beth had a dream with bags of potential. However, she was unable to fulfil hers (or even have a go)…. another mystery that can be solved by watching this film.

The one thing that remains constant between the sisters is their love for one another; it helped them overcome everything from petty little fights to the death of a loved one. They all chose very different routes for their lives and ended up in very different places; but love and family kept them united and brought them all back together. You are only given a glimpse into each of these sister’s extraordinary, adventurous lives and will leave you wanting to find out so much more. In their lifetimes, they probably had to face more challenges, and at times, struggled to stay united. But this film is one of love, trust and family. As long as they remember this, their bond is unbreakable.

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