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Third Form Spanish Challenge

Today we celebrated our culturally diverse community on the Day of Languages and Cultures, with a distinctly intern… https://t.co/aVHE6ysVJh - 3 hours ago

Our Spanish teachers in the Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Department would like to unanimously congratulate those Third Form pupils who took part on the “Mi casa es tu casa / my home is your home” competition.

Challenged with sending their teachers a video in which they presented their house in detail except for private areas, the criteria for success was to be as detailed as possible and to get the ending for the masculine and feminine adjectives correct.

Our teachers were looking for perfect formation of the verbs in the present tense, and finally, extra points were awarded to those pupils who would be able to recycle previous learning from this academic year and make their presentation more interesting.

Given the fact that there are several groups in the Third Form who study Spanish, Mrs Cruttenden, Mrs Kellaway and Dr Burgos thought it would be fair to award more than one prize. They thoroughly enjoyed seeing pupil videos in yet another very successful languages’ competition.

Commenting, Dr Burgos said: "The last two competitions organised by the MFL Department have aimed to instill a wider interest in our pupils on different aspects of the foreign languages and their culture. We believe that our pupils should have as much contact as possible with the foreign culture. As such, our aim is to continue providing as many opportunities as we possibly can for our pupils. During the current academic year we have run the Spanish Exchange, which is an excellent chance for those studying Spanish to fully immerse in the language and culture learning with a Spanish family."

She added: "Our recent cookery competition, in which pupils had to follow a recipe for Concurso de Tortillas de Patata (Spanish omlette), was really popular with some great looking tortillas being produced. At a lower level, the competition for Third Form Spanish helped our pupils to get out of their comfort zone and speak in the target language. This is a key element of the language learning, where the speaking skills are 25% of their final grade at GCSE level."

The competition was difficult to judge, with such a wide range of fantastic videos to choose from, and narrowing these down to the list of winners was particularly challenging.

We're delighted to announce that the following pupils were selected as the winners: Beau G, Emily O, Nell W-J and Freya S.

Well done. Our MFL Department would like to thank everyone for taking, not only for taking on the challenge of speaking in another language, but doing so in front of a camera!

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Beau G – Mi Casa es tu Casa

Here is Beau G, one of our winners, talking about his 'casa'.

Nell W-J – Mi Casa es tu Casa

Another of our winners, Nell W-J, takes you around her house and garden.

Emily O – Mi Casa es tu Casa

Finally, Emily O gives you her Spanish tour of her home.

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